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At My House (Apartment) Survey

We seemed to have a pretty good response from you guys on the survey posted last week so I thought I’d try my luck with another one!  I saw this one on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s blog this morning, so head over there if you wanna check out her answers!

Household chore I enjoy: NONE.  Unfortunately for my poor husband I am very far from domesticated.  There are two chores I can tolerate without grumbling: laundry and vacuuming. THAT’S IT.

Biggest house disaster: Our guest room/office/workout room.  It has a desk, my yoga mat, a few sets of weights, and where all our wedding materials and miscellaneous junk goes to die.  It will probably only be clean again when we move.

Before company arrives, I hide: My library books.  This may seem silly but I honestly usually have 10-15 library books checked out at a time and it can be be kind of excessive.

Most recent music download: Feelin’ Myself  – Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce.  DON’T JUDGE.

The last thing I bought online:  This should come as a surprise to no one.  I bought some stuff from sephora because they were having 2x the points on skincare purchases!!  So I bought another of my favorite facial cleanser (Origins Checks and Balances), a winter moisturizer since my skin is so dry right now form the arctic tundra (Origins Make a Difference+), and an eye cream (Origins Ginzing).  Anddddd since I was already on the website I went ahead and bought the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette that I’ve been lusting after.  I mean just look at it! Gorgeous, obsessed.

I hate to shop for: Groceries.  I used to love grocery shopping when I could go at off-peak times and browse at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  Now I usually only have time to go on the weekend and it’s always a madhouse.  Sometimes I try to sneak off during lunchtime, but still, I don’t enjoy it like I used to.

Favorite family ritual: This changes all the time.  When the weather was better it was definitely walks after work.  Now it’s probably watching “blackish” on DVR.  I love that show.

I sleep in: shorts or pajama pants and a t-shirt

I have a style crush on: Lauren Conrad.  Always and forever.  

Currently Reading: Still making my way through “How to Build a Girl”.  I know I still owe you guys a post about my favorite books of 2014! Hopefully I can get it up by the end of the month!

What’s up with the ______ trend?: Hmmm this is a hard one.  I guess I would say super thick drawn on eyebrows? Like they don’t even look like eyebrows anymore…I spend too much time on instagram…

How did I ever live without: my iPhone. And YouTube (what else did I use to do with my free time?)

Your turn! Let me know your answers to some or all of these questions in the comments!


“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Invasion of The Waist Snatchers: Fitness Gimmick Or Legit?

I know you’ve seen them.

Lurking around on the popular pages of Instagram or tweeted from the pages of curvy celebs:

Thanksgiving is over its time to get back poppin in my waist shaper by @premadonna87 #WaistGang 💋

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Those waist trainers/cinchers/snatchers! Because many have been singing their praises, I had to pause and ask myself, “Do these contraptions actually work?”

This isn’t the first time I’ve ventured into waist snatcher territory. I discussed my waist trimmer belt trial here, but the verdict was still out. The waist trimmer wasn’t so extreme though. It was just a fitted band that made me sweat a bunch in my belly region. The waist trainer…is different.

Flashback to July 2014. I saw a 4th of July waist cincher sale that I couldn’t resist so I gave in, added to cart and waited for my shipment to arrive. Initially, the process of putting this thing on was a chore! I mean, I had to really grip, and pull and attach and suck in. And exhale.

Waist Cincher

I didn’t wear the thing religiously, but I have started to recently. It’s easier to get into these days, but I think that has more to due with the ease of the elasticity than a whittled waist, but I’ll know for sure when I take my next round of measurements. I have noticed that it seems to keep my posture in check (I struggle with my posture) and that it helps me remember to hold in my belly while working out, since I really have no choice when it’s on me. I plan on getting my money’s worth and seeing if this can supplement my healthy habits. Once I see results, I don’t think my waist trainer can get all the glory as  there are so many variables to weight loss and physique change. A true test of its effectiveness would be to have someone who is not active and does not have the best diet wear one habitually and monitor their measurements.

Though waist trainers are popular, not all talk has been positive. There has been talk of the potential dangers waist-trainers, but there haven’t been conclusive studies run to my knowledge. It also seems that potential dangers are tied more to steel boned corsets, which are the old-school, serious relative of modern day waist trainers.

Regardless, while the hype surrounding waist trainers doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, there is no denying that clean eating clean and exercising will always be effective. So whether you invest in a waist trainer or not, you can still reach your goals by sticking with the basics! I’ll chart my progress, however, I only wear my waist trainer during workouts. Because my workouts range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs, it’s very unlikely that a waist trainer could have a measurable effect in that amount of time. I’ll continue to workout and keep my diet in check; that should be enough to get my waist snatched.

   Have you ever invested in a gimmicky weight-loss/fitness product?  Was it effective? Share your thoughts in the comments!



Reading, Wearing, Watching, Listening, Eating

Happy Tuesday friends!  How’s your work week going?  I feel like I’m still recovering from the holidays in all aspects of life.  Anyway, I saw Fitnessista did this fun little blog survey this afternoon so I thought I would copy her :)

Reading: How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran.

I loved her memoir, How to Be a Woman and have been anxiously waiting for this novel to become available at my library.  Her writing is hilarious and witty.  Btw, be on the lookout for a post regarding my favorite books of 2014! And if you can’t wait that long, BE MY FRIEND ON GOODREADS (username: Kyra Sims).  I update it constantly and it may be my favorite form of social media (nerd alert).

Wearing: work attire :( I’ve worked in an office for over a year now and I still hate getting dressed up in business clothes pretty much every single day.  Today I’m wearing black BCBG slacks and a heather grey blazer from Ann Taylor.  Currently cannot wait to get home and change into my target sweatpants.

Watching: the time slowly tick by?  I can’t wait for a new episode of the Mindy Project tonight though!

Listening: Pandora all day every day.  Right now, “You Are In Love” by T Swift.

Eating: nothing, but chugging water like it’s my job. #gallonadaylife #butnotontheweekends.  I have an apple with peanut butter snack planned for later on though.

Feel free to play along in the comments! What are you reading, wearing, watching, listening, eating?


Life Update! + Fitness Confusion

Hi! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted on the blog and I can’t let Udeme shame me, so here I am with a few updates for ya!  It’s been 6 months (today, actually!) since my wedding day and I absolutely feel like it’s past time for my life to be together (it isn’t).  But, we are FINALLY finished decorating our apartment, so that’s a huge plus!  My husband is gearing up to enter busy season at his accounting firm and I’m getting a little restless at my job so I’m thinking about getting involved in some volunteering/looking into some new professional organizations to join.  Any of you out there have any suggestions/positive experiences with a particular volunteering organization?  I’m thinking I would love to be a Girls on the Run coach, but: 1) it will still be FREEZING here for at least another two months and 2) practices I believe are usually around 3:30/4:00 and I don’t think I can swing that with my job.

On the fitness front, THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT.  My workouts have been inconsistent at best and while my eating hasn’t been horrible, it hasn’t been great either.  I don’t weight myself hardly ever, but I know that I have gained a significant amount of weight since the wedding.  My impending wedding date was a huge motivator to get in the gym and clean up my diet.  Without that date looming over my head I’ve lost a lot of motivation.  But, I’ve got to get over it and realize that exercising and eating right should be my lifestyle and not dependent on any one event.  So, my husband and I signed up at Planet Fitness this weekend.  It certainly wasn’t my top gym choice, but at $10/month it has the basics that I need and it is about five minutes from our apartment.

That brings me to the confusion part of this post.  I’m trying to choose between 3 programs to start and I’m having a hard time picking one.  I know that with exercise and healthy eating, having a plan is more than half the battle.  So here are the three that I’m vacillating between:

1. Love Your Body series via Tone It Up (runs from January 1 – Valentine’s Day!)

Y’all know about my love for Tone it Up.  I’ve posted about them numerous times on the blog and my husband actually bought me the nutrition plan about 4 months before our wedding.  I love Tone it Up because they provide a weekly workout schedule (no guess work!), they have tons of full-length videos on youtube and their app, and there is no shortage of motivation from the #tiuteam on all social media.

2.  Winter Shape Up via Fitnessista (starts January 26)

I’ve also talked about Gina’s blog, Fitnessista in previous posts before and I have participated in rounds of both the Winter and Summer Shape Up’s (and even won a pair of Reebok’s!).  Gina also provides a weekly workout schedule and films full length videos (around 30 minutes) for each week of the Shape Up that usually incorporate strength sets as well as HIIT (high intensity interval training).

3.  Nike Training Club via Nike and Udeme

I’ve had the Nike Training Club app and the Nike Running app since law school and use it on and off, usually when I want to get in a quick 15 minute toning workout for a specific body part, or if I want a total body workout at home.  This option is great because it also has video demonstrations of all the moves and gives me a great workout when I use it.  Also, if you check our Instagram, you can see the success Udeme has had with the program (down 7.6 pounds!!!) which is encouraging!

I know the most important thing is just to pick one and stick with it.  I’ll let you know what I decide! Have any of you started a workout program in the new year that you’re loving?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Sweating,


January 2015 Fitness Sampler!

My January theme is all about FOCUS.

First, I must pat myself on the back for starting my workouts on January 1st and working out consistently since then. Yes, I realize it’s only five days into the new year, but every step counts! I was so tempted to start today (the 5th) since there were all those Christmas/New Year goodies laying around the house.  The time has come to say:




to my culinary temptations. I abide by everything in moderation, but it’s crunch time! The fridge is cleaned out and stocked with healthy goods. I have a bunch of fitness gear that I talked about in my fitness haul and now it’s time for some action. Here is what is on my fitness menu this month:

Nike Running Challenge

Today was the start of my 30 miles, 30 days challenge on Nike Running. My fiancee, sister and friend will all be embarking on this challenge with me. I think the level of difficulty will be fairly easy, simply because I’ve been running more lately and my endurance has improved. As long as I either run a mile a day or clock in a couple miles every couple of days, I think I’ll be able to complete this challenge.



Nike Training Club Challenge

I completed a previous challenge–Get Lean, Beginner and it was really helpful for burning a ton of calories and for giving me ideas for new workout moves. I’m now doing Get Toned- Intermediate–this is a four week program that is meant to create muscle definition and that implements yoga to re-energize. I’m iffy on the yoga since I really only like Bikram yoga, but I’m going to give it a shot. This routine also implements running, so it is PERFECT to use in conjunction with my Nike Running Challenge.

Tone Up!

Tone Up!

Group Class Mash Up

On my free days, I intend to do a group class at my gym. I want to get the most out of my membership and that means exposing myself to all they offer! This month, I hope to do Body Pump Classes, Spinning Classes, and also try out the INSANITY class which has become popular at my gym.


Specific Goals: 

  • Drop 10 pounds
  • Lose 1-2 inches (from any of the parts listed here)

Though my wedding is about 10 months away, I will be scheduling an engagement photo shoot session in the coming months. Therefore, my general goal is to feel good which I believe will translate to looking good as well :-). Focus will be key and I know it can be done. Wish me luck!

Do you have a specific fitness routine planned for the month? Any specific goals? Let us know in the comments!

“The Beginning Is Always Today”

Whether you embrace the new year, or remain wary of all its cliched glory, you can’t help but think about the BEGINNING…of SOMETHING. Who, what, when, where? It’s 365 todays to fill in those blanks. It can be thrilling or even a bit unnerving since it’s all new.

If something has already begun, the luster and thrill of something new doesn’t have to go away. With reflection, comes understanding and the ability to refresh and recreate.

Our beginning of something :-)

Back in the day…our beginning of something :-)


I remember way back when in 2013 when Kyra and I published our first few posts and laid out our intentions in the our About Us section. Back then, we hoped to:

  • Share our favorite healthy recipes
  • Create healthier versions of our favorite foods
  • Write about maintaining weight-loss
  • Dish about hair-care routines and maintenance

Here we are, over a year later and it’s apparent that we’ve had a lot to say about an array of topics. Whether it be the plethora of books we’ve read here and here, the struggle of working out in inclement weather or thoughts about comparing your life with others. It’s been varied and it’s been fun. Over the next months, this is our opportunity to get focused once again and we’re excited. As we said in our Liebster Award post, I think we’ve done a great job with showing a fresh perspective while talking about our workouts and eating habits in general. However, for the coming year, my personal goal is to get more specific about my fitness goals, progress and things in between.

I began blogging in order to share and learn from others. Writing and reading the posts of others definitely allows me to connect with people I would have never had to chance to stumble upon otherwise. I’m sometimes wary of oversharing, and I think that tends to hold my writing back. I always hear my Grandma’s voice in my head, “KEEP SECRET!” And while I heed that advice, I think I have a handle on sharing as much as I need to in order to get my point across. And so, for the next six months, I want to continue writing about health and fitness (getting specific on exact workouts and progress) and other aspects of my life — my book lists, favorite music, hair ramblings, work life balance, wedding planning etc. We’re so much more than a fitness blog—it’s time to get personal. I seek to connect with plenty of writers and readers in the same and different spaces so that we can continue to learn and flourish in 2015! And so today, we begin.




Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.

The Fitness Come Up: My Christmas Haul!

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a whole lot of peace, love and abundance in this new year. This past Christmas was nice because I got to reunite with family near and far and I loved being able to give out gifts this year. The past few years were tough on my pockets and though I’m not currently rolling in dough, I’m definitely not pauper status any longer. As I gave, I received so much in return. The best gifts were intangible and I was able to have precious moments with family and friends for which I am truly grateful for.

My tangible gifts weren’t too shabby either. Among the various gifts I received, were various fitness related items from my cousins, aunties, sisters and fiancé :-) I’ve been into fitness for years, but I think many of my loved ones got the memo that I need to kick it into high gear in 2015, especially with a wedding coming up in the fall :-).

Here are some of the items I got this past Christmas:

The come up!

The come up!

My haul included new tank tops, great headphones, boxing gloves (to tone my STUBBORN arms), workout leggings, and a sports bra. I was hype to say the least. I truly have absolutely no excuses to get in the best shape of my life this year.

And now, for honesty hour:

Honesty Hour

I’m more than a bit fluffy from the holiday. I don’t know what it is about being around people you love and wanting to indulge on all goodies, but that’s ALWAYS how I tend to get down. I have to cut myself some slack though because I did steadily workout throughout December which is a rarity for me. After Christmas Eve hit though…I packed on some pounds. As I said on Instagram though, I truly do believe that resolutions don’t have to be useless! It’s all about action. I have a plan so now I just have to get moving.

And I did! I completed a nice New Year’s Day run this AM:

Day ONE.

Day ONE.

I will be posting about my January routine in the coming days. There is a challenge I am embarking on with my sister and fiancé which should be perfect to jumpstart my #SweatingForTheWedding life.



CHALLENGE: #SweatingForTheWedding + Updates

Life has been super hectic, but I’m back! Typically, when I take a hiatus from blogging, it means I’ve fallen off the wagon. However, I am happy to report that I’ve been on a fitness kick for about 3 weeks and I’m more motivated than ever because:

Friendly challenge

Friendly challenge

It’s nice to have an extra push toward reaching my fitness goals. If you have been browsing around the home page of the blog, you can see all of our latest updates on Twitter and Instagram. As indicated in these texts, I took my measurements and:

photo (32)

I added some inches since February (boooo) so I had to kick it into high gear. Not to mention that I had my first wedding dress appointment this past Saturday! We’re STILL working on nailing a date, but I want to try on some dresses while my family members are in town for the holidays so we can all enjoy the experience. Therefore, I prefer to feel healthy/non-bloated/in-shape while dress shopping so I am working hard to combat my  extreme holiday indulgences.

Current Goals: Lose inches (especially whittle my waist) and tone my arms (I’m currently seeking a great boxing app)

Current Workouts: Nike Training Club galore, Nike Running galore, Spinning classes, 5 mile challenge routine

I will have a post detailing my Nike Training Club experience because they have been kicking my butt lately and helping me torch calories. I am currently doing the Get Lean, Beginner program and I am in my final week. Be on the lookout for that post! The days left in 2014 are winding down. I’m hoping to stay strong with my routine during this holiday period so that I have a great head start for 2015 :-)

Any new fitness updates? Have you been on point with your health? Share in the comments!

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