Summer Shape Up Intro Stats

So, I mentioned in the initial Summer Shape Up post that I would keep the blog updated with my progress.  I decided against posting bikini pics, but I will post my beginning measurements.  I realize that we’re almost half way through the program (!!! how did it go so fast?), but better late than never!  Plus, I will probably repeat it to make it an 8 week program.

Body Fat Percentage: 22.9% (this puts me in the fitness range according to ACE)

Calves: 13.55 in

Thighs: 22.125 in

Hips: 37 in

Stomach: 29.75 in

Waist: 28.5 in

Biceps: 11 in

summer shape up intro stats

So, this brings me to goals for Summer Shape Up.  Although I would love to lean out significantly, I know that to do so would mean instituting some “food rules.”  I am not against a little bit of restriction when it’s for a short period of time with a very specific end date.  However, for me, personally, food rules can lead to  being TOO restrictive.  I do have plans to do a 5 day slim down of sorts before 4th of July, but for right now my main goal is to be CONSISTENT with weight training in order to build more lean muscle.

Other goals:

1. Drink at least half my body weight in water each day.

2. Do longer HIIT routines.  I love me some Tabata workouts…because they’re 4 minutes long.  My goal is to get in at least one 20 minute HIIT routine on the treadmill per week.

3.  More fruits and veggies

I will keep you guys updated on my progress!


1. Do you have any new fitness goals?

2. Have you tried Tabata workouts?

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