Yummy Guilt Free Tacos!

I absolutely love Mexican food! And I especially love to make tacos because they are delicious and filling. Here is a recipe for you that I use pretty often when I feel like having some lower calorie Mexican food. This recipe is great to make in bulk for all your meal prep needs.


What you need:

Mission Extra Thin Tortillas (or any other brand of your liking)

1lb of ground turkey (you will definitely have leftovers! 🙂 )
1 pack of Taco Seasoning Mix (I use McCormicks)
1tbsp Feta Cheese (From Trader Joes)
2tbsp Serrano Fresca Salsa (from Trader Joes)
2tsp Jalapenos
2tbsp Light Sour Cream

What To Do:

*Cook the ground turkey and follow the directions on the taco seasoning mix. Typically, you add the whole pack along with 2/3 cup of water after draining the cooked ground turkey. I also add my own favorite seasonings.
*Broil the tortillas in the oven (keep careful watch, they will cook quickly!)
*After taking the tortillas out of the oven, add the ground turkey to the tortillas. Dress the tacos as you wish. In the picture, I used the ingredients above. The calorie count for this meal was approximately 400 calories! Enjoy 🙂

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