Smoothie Secrets & A Tropical Protein Treat

Let’s talk about smoothies.  Way back at the beginning of law school I discovered health living blogs and started trying to incorporate green smoothies into my diet.  When I had to take the metro to my internship I usually blended up a smoothie for my breakfast on my way to work….and *gasp* I secretly hated them.  My smoothies always came out chunky and kind of gross.  When I came back home to Ann Arbor for break, I started making smoothies again, and they turned out deliciously.  The secret? A high-powered blender.  Like my mom always says, “they don’t make things like they used to!”  The blender my mom has sounds like a v8.  And it blends with that much power, too.

So, if you’ve had bad luck with smoothies in the past I would try getting a stronger blender and see if that makes the difference!  Also, don’t forget to freeze your bananas before adding.

Story time over.

After about a month and a half of yoga being my only exercise, I’m finally back on the cardio/strength train.  After completing Fitnessista’s Awesome August workout I wanted a protein shake but didn’t have any protein powder on hand.  Enter: Chobani!  With 13grams of protein, this was the perfect post-workout boost.smoothie

Tropical Smoothie

-1 container of Pineapple Chobani

-1/2 frozen banana chunks

-3 large frozen strawberries

-1 cup spinach

-enough water to get everything moving in the blender

Blend and Enjoy!


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Kyra is a wife and dog mom to an adorable French Bulldog. Attorney by day and health/fitness blogger by night. Lives, works, plays, and eats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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