Weight-Loss Talk: Breaking Up With Soda(Pop)

Oh soda, how I loved thee. Well, actually, I don’t think my love will ever go away. Soda was awesome. Cool, bubbly, and refreshing. My drink of choice was definitely a can of Sprite.

In the very beginning of my weight loss journey, I had absolutely no intention of breaking things off with soda completely. I just thought that I needed to take a break from the sugar and caffeine highs that accompanied so many meals. This was no easy feat! I found myself thinking, what in the heck am I supposed to drink?! Water? Pssh.

Well, I actually did resolve to only drink water and I followed through. Who knew that my “final” gulp of Sprite I had back in ’04 would really be my last? All I know is that eliminating soda and other sugary drinks along with walking back and forth to high school daily enabled me to lose the first 50 lbs. After those five months without soda in my life, I made the decision to just say goodbye for good. I got along just fine without it so I figured, why go back? I never needed soda in the first place. And, let’s keep it real. The stuff just isn’t good for you. Period. I also had a mini tryst with diet sodas for a while, but then I learned that they are just as bad, so I had to let those go as well.

Breaking up was hard to do…

Tips: Try to avoid drinking your calories! Seriously, it will help tremendously. Plus, you have more lee-way to eat up more when you save up calories that could have been wasted on drinks. Also, beware of some drinks that you consume on the daily. A lot of juices are just as bad as soda; check those nutritional facts (I use the Fooducate app these days which I will be doing an app review on)! You don’t have to go cold turkey from your favorite drinks, but moderation is your friend.

*Side-note* I do not refer to soda as “pop,” however a few friends I know, including a Michigander by the name of Kyra was always insistent on letting me know that other regions of the country only call soda “pop.” So, I titled this post to appeal to the masses. 😉

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