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Monday Prep!

Normally, this would be titled “Sunday Prep,” but I actually start my new job tomorrow so today is going to be my prep day!  I know more than half the battle to eating healthy is to have meals and snacks that are already prepared and ready to go.  So, here’s my plan for the upcoming week!

I made two kale and bacon quiche’s with hash brown crust from Iowa Girl Eats.  I’ve made this once before and LOVED IT (and reheats well too!) so this will be my breakfast for the rest of the week, along with fruit.

Rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods.  I plan on eating chicken with baked sweet potatoes and a veg for dinner tomorrow.  My plan for the rest of the chicken will be to make healthier chicken salad to have for lunches as well as shredded chicken enchiladas for another dinner sometime this week.


Apples with peanut butter

Pineapple with cottage cheese

Greek yogurt topped with pomegranate arils

Pumpkin cranberry crisps with apple cinnamon goat cheese (all from Trader Joe’s)


Hopefully with a few hours of prep work I will have a week of successful eating!


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Kyra is a wife and dog mom to an adorable French Bulldog. Attorney by day and health/fitness blogger by night. Lives, works, plays, and eats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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