Weight Loss Talk: Resolutions & Getting Started!

2013 is about to be history and another year will come into being, along with a slew of new resolutions. Or if you’re not into the whole resolution thing, perhaps you’re aiming for a full lifestyle change. Regardless, getting healthy/losing weight still ranks as top dog as far as goals are concerned. There’s a fervor associated with the new year. People around you are eager to say goodbye to the old year (and the old them) and usher in a new. Folks get into gear and the gym is packed like a fat rat come January. And somehow, around maybe February or so, that feeling just fades. Then, time flies and as soon as you know it, you never got to meet the new you.

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Please don’t fret if you’ve been that person. I’ve been there myself several times and to be honest, I never really believed I could get to where I am now until I changed my frame of thought and finally took action. Just about ten years later, I realized what was different that time, back in 2004. Here is what I now know and what I hope can lead you to reaching your goals.

1) Don’t Make a Resolution to Change Just Because It’s a New Year

It’s very tempting to evaluate your life and see what you can improve or what you can forsake because of people around you who may be discussing what their goals for the new year are. However, if you just make a resolution without really thinking it over or planning, it’s doomed fail. You need your goal to be backed by intention. Why are you making the change and what will you do to get there? It’s not enough to want it, you have to be really ready and committed to make a change which means making sacrifices. Before 2004, I simply was not ready. The desire was there, but I wasn’t fully committed to changing my diet and altering my life. When it’s your time, you’ll just know. There will be a shift, just make sure it comes from within and not from any outside pressure. That’s when it will really truly be yours for the taking.

2) Make Gradual Changes, Slow & Steady Wins

Two words: baby steps. Make small, gradual changes that can help you reach your goals. Even though people hear this all the time, I feel like they think there is less power in making small changes and not being ridiculously drastic. Please hear me out and know that this is a key to nailing this goal. I failed so many times because I tried dumb, drastic diets where I ended up super hungry, which would lead to cheating. When I simply cut out soda, reduced my simple carbohydrate intake and started walking, I lost 50 pounds off the bat. And it was all FREE. I had no gym membership or anything. Those small changes changed my life. Of course, I’ve had to tweak things to see more results over the years, but that beginning phase was a preview for what was to come and it really fueled my drive. I knew what I  could handle which enabled me to make bigger changes when I got deeper into my journey. A little goes such a long way.

3) Less Talk/Thought/Wishing and More DO                                                                                                                            

It’s great to have a plan of action, but once you make that plan clear, follow through and keep moving. Don’t over-think this process to the point of scaring yourself. I was so great at being wistful and hoping that I looked a certain way, but I didn’t do the work to get there partly because I wasn’t quite sure how. This made the task of losing weight seem so out of reach, which brings me to this :

“When you look back at things, you wonder why you made things so difficult and so much harder than they actually were. You felt like it was you against the world but really, it was you against yourself.”

Pre-Cise-Ly. Get out of your head. Stop wishing and start doing. And keep going and just don’t stop. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but it can be done.  All in all, my resolution back in 2004 morphed into a lifestyle change. I haven’t stopped and health and fitness are now a part of my life. Sometimes it’s a love-hate relationship but I’m thankful for even that because it means my changes have had staying power all these years later. Stayed tuned for an easy to follow sample meal plan this week! These meals will be based on many of the recipes Kyra and I have posted on here. 🙂

Do you have any health goals for the new year? What are your thoughts on resolutions? Let us know in the comments. 🙂


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    1. Love this post! Everyone is always saying new year new me… Well I like the current me so instead of making lots of crazy changes I am just going to pat myself on the back for a good past year with lots of achievements and promise to work harder on my goals in 2014!!

    1. Nice and yes, definitely! I just think it works better with less pressure to change everything drastically.

    1. I stopped making new year resolutions, I make promises instead. I promise myself that in the new year I will live my life, I will not be afraid, I will take chances, make the most out of opportunities, work harder, and just make the best memories.

      1. Cheers to that! We should all strive to better ourselves in the new year and to create great memories. I’m going to be focusing on that too 🙂

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