Pick A Card, Any Card: Jillian Michaels’ Card Workout!

Happy Friday!

Last week, I was having terrible tooth pain which was so annoying since it prevented me from eating much. My calories were deficient until I was able to make it to the endodontist (yes, I had to see a specialist) to get a prescription for some antibiotics and pain killers, so I couldn’t workout like I wanted to. Therefore, I decided to do a “simple” workout at home which is a rarity for me. I came across this workout on Instagram and I happened to have a deck of cards on hand so I gave it a go.

Jillian Michaels is nuts, in the best way possible. I would’ve never thought of using a deck of cards to break a sweat. I ended up burning over 200 calories and I felt sore the next day from repeatedly working every area of my body. I hope you get a chance to grab a deck and check this out :- )

photo 2
My deck aka my workout 🙂

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      1. Yea, it was a great workout! And haha, yea, I haven’t experienced the latter yet. I’m sure it beats tooth pain though, yikes lol.

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