February Routine & Beginning Specs

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I hope you all are enjoying the new month so far! So, this past January, I was pretty consistent with my workouts. I decided to cut the 30 Day 5 Mile challenge short because I get bored easily with my workouts and plus, switching it up is important. Speaking of which, I have started a new program with the help of the JEFIT workout app. The plan I am currently participating in is called “Bikini Ready! Cut Fat & Build Lean Muscle.” I am pretty determined to cut fat, see some muscle (especially in my arms) and lose some unwanted inches.  Here is a calendar of my workout plan (I started this program on January 27th so I’m in week 2):

Let's get it!
Let’s get it!

The asterisks in the calendar note the time I will be on a mini vacay in Dallas visiting a special someone 🙂 . During that time, I’m hoping that I can workout at least once! Also, you might be surprised that I threw (regular) yoga in the mix. I am really trying to work on my flexibility as well so I figured, why not? I want to participate in Winter Shape Up with Kyra, but I already committed to this and I’m trying not to flip flop *sigh*. She’ll hold it down for me per usual! Anyways, here are my stats which were taken on January 31st:


  • Weight: 148.2 lbs; Body Fat Percentage 28% (not sure on the BF because one trainer said 26% & another said 30%; I just averaged it)
  • Biceps: 12 (down 1 inch since October and this made me happy because my arms are so hard to tone)
  • Calves: 14.5
  • Forearm: 9.5
  • Neck: 12 (down .6 since October and random because my neck doesn’t bother me and is the least of my concern)
  • Chest: 35.5 (down .5 since October; boo, the boobs are always the first to go 🙁 )
  • Waist: 32
  • Hips/Booty: 40.5
  • Thighs: 22


  • Weight: 135-140 lbs; Body Fat Percentage 24% (this will put me in the “Fit” range instead of the “Acceptable” range)
  • Biceps: 11 ?? (maybe, not sure; I just want to TONE)
  • Calves: 14.5 (Fine with it)
  • Forearm: 9.5 (Fine with it)
  • Neck: 12 (Fine with it)
  • Chest: 35.5 (Fine with it)
  • Waist: Out the 30s, maybe 29?
  • Hips/Booty: 40.5 (Fine with it *cue Bonita Applebum*)
  • Thighs: 22 (Fine with it)

I’m in no rush to hit these goals, although I want to strike while the iron is hot. I realize that I might lose motivation as time goes along, so I want to get it in immediately. Also, I’m loving the fact that I’m fine with where I’m at for the most part, it’s been a long time coming! Honestly, if I could just tone my arms which have been the bane of my weight-loss journey and drop some body fat, that would be good enough for me. I’m excited to see some results and after this ends, I’ll be revisiting Bikram yoga. I’m so happy that I found a great Groupon deal, woo hoo!

What does your workout routine for February look like? Do you have any specific fitness goals in mind? Let us know in the comments!


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