Adventures In AM Workouts: Me, a Morning Person?!

Recently, I did the unthinkable:

I set my alarm to 5:30AM and set out my gym clothes. Then, I arose the next day sans the snooze button, changed, grabbed my gym bag and got my butt into the gym. I made it through a really tough spinning session and halfway through it, I saw the sun rising. By the time I left class, I was full of energy and ready to take on the work day. 

This might sound like an average act for some of you readers but I had to give myself props. You see, I was never that super early AM exerciser. My thoughts toward that have been:

Kyra knows the deal! #InsideJoke

Typically, I would sleep-in to my heart’s content a.k.a. the latest possible hour that would allow me to make it to work or wherever I had to be. I always just saved my workouts for the evening.

However, I recently started a new position, so I had to work out how my routine would be. I did a PM routine and it was just a no-go. Although I had found a gym that was less populated on the weekdays, it just didn’t bode well with me. There were just too many humans and I was just too exhausted from working all day. Plus, I’d be STARVING by the time that I got home. In the past, working out was doable because I didn’t work too late in the evening. Something had to give and I had to make a change.  I cannot believe that I’m saying this, but I think my PM workout days are dunzo. The only way that I would go back is if my schedule changed again. For now, I’m going with it though!

Here are the major pros that I found from working out in the AM:

  • You get it over with– Self explanatory but oh so crucial. With all the things to worry about during the day, it’s so nice to cross working out off the list. Plus, I might be groggy in the AM but by the time I change and head to the gym, I have a lot of energy to power through workouts.
  • It makes you want to eat better throughout the day– Starting the day off on a healthy foot can keep you more health conscious through the day. I don’t want to ruin my great workout, so I make better decisions. As opposed to maybe cheating here and there throughout the day with the intention of burning off those cheats in a PM workout. Remember you cannot train out a bad diet. Nope, not ever.
  • You can actually get more sleep– This was the most shocking realization of all. I’ve gotten into a pretty great rhythm where I rise early and knock out early. I am more conscious of hitting the sack early because I know I have to get up early and I’ve been able to clock in at least 7 hours of sleep as of late.

At the end of the day, what matters is tweaking your schedule to fit your needs! Get those workouts in any which way you can. You’ll never regret it.


So, what are your thoughts? Are you an AM or PM exerciser? Have you found it hard to find a balance?

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    1. You know I failed at morning workouts. I’m going to try again soon. When you first started did you notice a decrease in intensity for your workouts? That was my biggest problem (aside from waking up), I just felt sluggish the whole time.

    1. Lol, my intensity was fine as long as I slept enough. On days that I’ve been running, it’s been hard simply because I still don’t like running at all. I like going to gym AM classes cause I like the energy from the instructor and other folks. It’s easier to get through those workouts.

      1. I just roll out of bed to get there. When I get home I eat breakfast, lately I’ve been having a cup of egg whites with green onions, bell peppers, feta; flour less bread from TJ’s and some strawberries or other fruit.

    1. I’ve done this a handful of times. I enjoy it when I do it but the alarm clock often wins and I end up going in the evening. I find if there’s a class or some kind of group activity I’m more likely to get up for it than working out by myself. Great post! Enjoyed reading it 🙂

      1. Thank you! It is so hard to just jump out of bed and I agree, classes help a lot 🙂

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