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Workout Playlist: Africa Latina

It’s been way too long since I’ve had a gym jam post! Therefore I have brought to you my beloved Africa Latina playlist that graced my presence about a year ago. The fact that it’s still in rotation a year later is proof of its staying power/dopeness. I’ve listened to it at the gym, but I actually prefer to just put this playlist on so I can dance to it, which is such a great form of exercise.

This playlist is a mash up of some Soukous, Semba, Highlife, Dancehall, Rumba, House and more. And if you think this type of music doesn’t appeal to your musical sensibilities, take a chance and give it a listen. There’s gems in here.

By the way, the playlist starts off with slower jams, but the beats per minute in the tracks increase precisely at 6.10. It’s perfect for warming up before you get going. Also, I posted the actual tracklist so that if a particular track catches your fancy, it will be easy to get separately. I’ve also used Shazam to find some of the artists listed here. Enjoy and thank me later; did I mention you can download this gem for free?! Have a great sweat 🙂

Africa Latina Tracklist

01 Carlos Lamartine – Ene Ando Builée
02 Ali Kiba – Dushelele
03 Mackboogaloo – OK Rumba-Ton
04 Africaneando – El Priki del Vacile
05 Boddhi Satva feat. Zé Pequenio & Heritier – Elengi (Main)
06 Dj Capiro & Francis Boy Feat. Sana – Icotoca
07 Filipe Narciso & Djeff – O Semba (Djeff Mix)
08 Bonga – Somos Irmaos (DJ Znobia Remix)
09 DJ N.K. feat. D.Pink – Lhe Estraga
10 Silyvi & Afrikan Roots feat. Bebucho Q kuia – Akuluwo
11 Cesária Évora – Cinturão Tem Male (Renato Xtrova Reconstruction Main Mix)
12 Don Kikas – Melaco
13 Os Bongos – Kazucuta
14 Plastikman – Spastik (NewLife’s NuSamba Mix)
15 Lura – Narina (Beatmax & Daferwa Edit)
16 Di Delas – Meus Amigos
17 DJ Lecture – She No Want Me
18 Larry Achiampong – Palm Wine
19 Wizboy feat. Slim Brown – Infinity
20 M-Kaze – Change (Situation)
21 M-Kaze – I Bin No Know
22 DJ Lecture – Good Loving
23 Olu Maintain – Nawti

– Udeme

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