App Review: Nike+ Running

Honesty hour: My name is Udeme and I still don’t like running. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the Nike+ Running app. I have to credit it as being one of my main sources of exercise as of late and for that I am very thankful.


I may be on the super late bus in regards to this app, but I never downloaded it because as I mentioned, running was never my thing. However, this app is great because it actually gets you motivated to get up and move. I actually considered freezing my gym membership for a period of time *gasp* and just using this app, but then I remembered I’m just not the type of gal who desires to go on a run everyday. Currently, I run (jog) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. After running, I’ve been doing other workouts (The 7 Minute Workout and Nike Training Club or dancing around my living room to music that I love)  to hit my goal of burning about 500 calories a day. Kyra and I are overdue on the Nike Training Club app review, but we’ll get on it; the 7 Minute Workout app is in the queue right now. 🙂

What I Love:

  • I really like the interface of this app (it’s sleek and cute + user friendly)
  • It tracks your progress no matter where you walk/run/jog, i.e. on the track or a treadmill or a trail etc. Your distance, pace and time are all accounted for.
  • You can add folks you know for some friendly competition. I’ve been trying to best my bf  and a friend of mine for the top leaderboard spot!
  • Your music library is your run soundtrack
  • There’s also training programs for marathons etc. that I haven’t tapped into on here but from what I’ve heard, they are pretty legit
My stats, judge me not, I’m a newbie!
Some running history. I LOVE the running mood faces. They make me chuckle.
Some running history. I LOVE the running mood faces. They make me chuckle.

What’s Eh:

  • I feel like this thing cheats me on the distance stats sometimes! Or maybe it’s all in my head…
  • I wish I could customize a playlist on the fly instead of automatically having one from my iTunes synced up to it since I usually forget to make playlists on my iTunes for running.


Overall, this app is pretty great and it must be doing something right if it got this non-runner to lace up her running shoes


Are any of you guys on Nike Running? If so, add me (seriously)- username = Udeme Uwan. I need more friends on here 🙂

Are there any apps that have gotten you moving lately?  Share in the comments!  

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