This (& Last) Week’s Workouts: #FitFreakProject & Back to Bikram

Hello and Happy Summer!

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious season so far and realizing that although time is flying per usual, there is still half a year left to reach your personal goals.  As of late, I have been doing the Fit Freak Project put together by Sean Serrantos. The verdict? I love it so far! It’s a 12 week program so my goal is to just get through and complete the whole thing.

I frequent this area in the gym the most now. Who would have thought in a million years... ?!
I frequent this area in the gym the most now. Who would have thought?
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Ready to go!



Next, I ventured back into yoga land! I purchased a great Groupon deal earlier this year for 20 classes of Bikram yoga in a studio in San Jose. It was due to expire on June 13th so I made sure to get my butt in that class super early before work (5:30-7AM) so that I could reap the benefits of the deal I snagged. My plan is to take a class every Saturday until October (I have to take the 20 classes by then) and it’s perfect for Saturdays after all my M-F weight lifting and cardio workouts.


Love this place
Love this place

Now, here was last week’s routine and a preview into what I’ll be doing this week!

6/16 – 6/21

Monday – Fit Freak Project Week 2  Legs;  1.25 mile run on the treadmill post weights

Tuesday – Fit Freak Project Week 2 – Back & Cardio (1.22 mile run)

Wednesday- Fit Freak Project Week 2 – Chest & Abs

Thursday- Biceps/Triceps & Cardio (1.30 mile run)

Friday – Delts & Abs; .65 mile run (I was over it, clearly)

Saturday- BIKRAM 🙂

Sunday – REST

(Cardio typically encompasses 2 or 3 days of the program but sometimes I threw in more like a HIIT routine)

Tomorrow kicks off Week 3 of the program and it focuses on the same muscle groups but the exercises will vary. I felt incredibly sore the first week, but my body seems to be adjusting. Also, practicing Bikram yoga once a week has been great to stretch out all my limbs and focus even more on my core. I feel great, especially since I’m back on my healthy food grind.

What does your current workout routine look like? Share in the comments 🙂 

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    1. Thanks for ready! Yea, the smell has been pretty pungent as of late. And for some reason, the studios in my area love using carpeting which is odd. When I lived in DC, the studio I went to had hardwood floors which I’m sure probably helped with the smell.

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