The Seemingly Never-ending Hike: Mission Peak

“Are you in the Bay? I want to go to Mission Peak this week!”

That was the innocent message from my cousin that started it all. I responded to her by asking where and what Mission Peak was. She explained that it was “a pretty popular hiking spot…Google it and let me know what you think.”

I Googled. And I was nervous when I saw the difficulty rating had a full 5 stars. Since I’m not a hiker and the last time I recall camping was in 6th grade science camp, I messaged my cousin asking for more info. She assured me that I would be alright and then we headed there bright and early on a Saturday morning.

Incline started right after we parked.
Incline started right after we parked.


2014-06-28 09.06.28
And continued.












It wasn’t so bad at first, but then the incline progressed and progressed. It was just bad. As we continued to climb, we would ask passerby who were returning if we were close. They would give us knowing smiles and say “not quite” or “you have a ways to go.” Soon, we stopped asking and kept going. The worst part of the hike was thinking you were almost there and getting fooled time after time! But at least we had each other to talk to and some scenery to observe.

Cows. We saw turkey too


And once again, the incline clearly had no chill and was incredibly disrespectful.
And once again, the incline clearly had no chill and was incredibly disrespectful.

Then, we FINALLY made it. VICTORY.

"Victory, I can smell it in the air..."
“Victory, I can smell it in the air…”


2014-06-28 10.30.46
The views were pretty awesome.

So how do I feel about the famous Mission Peak? As my cousin put it:

“It was all UPHILL. People never Instagram the trail. #FooledByInstagram.”

I will say though that if you live in the San Francisco bay area and you want to challenge yourself, Mission Peak will not disappoint! I don’t care what your fitness level is, she will get you to sweat. I felt very accomplished afterwards and I’m glad to say that I conquered Mission Peak. I don’t think I’ll be returning, at least not any time soon.

Have you been on any hikes lately? Or have you run into any workouts that have been super challenging? Share in the comments! 🙂


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