To Run Or Not to Run…

I was scrolling along, minding my business (well not really since I was on Facebook and everyone’s business is on there) when I saw a link to the “2014 Santa Clara Half Marathon & Faithful 5K.”050813-Levis-Header

I clicked some more and read:

The Inaugural Santa Clara ‘Red & Gold’ Half Marathon & Faithful 5K is scheduled for December 14, 2014 in Santa Clara. Join thousands of runners and faithful Niner fans to celebrate one of the greatest football teams in history! Our gridiron themed finish zone will provide a unique game day experience as you complete the race with friends, family, and fans cheering for you!

Registration Includes: A red & gold football jersey inspired tech shirt, a golden football helmet medal designed for champions + an official finishers certificate, chip timing and results, recovery refreshments, free photos, and an amazing running experience.

Say what?! Number one, I’m a die-hard 49ers fan so I already know that I will be involved with this race in some capacity. However, I just can’t decide which option I will be picking. And number two, Levi’s Stadium is like literally in my backyard; it took about 5 minutes to get there when I checked out my 49ers new digs with my family last weekend. Now, here’s my question…

Should I run a 5k again or go for the half marathon?! I wish that there was something in between like an 8 or 10 mile run, but nope. I have two options and I’ve got to pick one. I’ve been debating this for weekssss. Can I survive a half marathon? Will I pass out or just start crying midway? I don’t even like running, but I have the urge to challenge myself and try something that I never imagined I could do.

Since I’ve been doing some research, I also explored more capabilities of my Nike Running app and discovered that there is a training program on there!:

Beginner (that's me!) program
Beginner (that’s me!) program
2014-06-17 17.18.09










I have some more time to completely make up my mind since training will begin on September 22; in the meantime, I’m supposed to try running 5 miles a week, which hasn’t been too tough. Also, my sister has committed to doing the 5k portion and my bf says he’ll totally run the half with me so at least I’ll have a partner. I’m leaning toward YES today 🙂

Thoughts? Comments? Have any of you guys run a half marathon? Please share! 


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    1. LOL @ “I was scrolling along, minding my business (well not really since I was on Facebook and everyone’s business is on there).” hahaha!

      1. Thanks for stopping by! Still debating. The only thing is I’ve already run a 5k and now it’s more of a routine run, I just wanted to try something different. I could check to see if there are more races in my area. I know I don’t want to miss this race though.

    1. There are so many 5k’s to run! You don’t have to do the same one over again. Plus, you can train for a shorter amount of time & run lots of them instead of just a half marathon every 3 or 4 months.

      1. True true! I just wanted to test out a different distance. Registration is actually now closed for this race, so I’m taking this as a sign that I should run a different race. I’m looking more up this week :-). Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Love this! I’m working my way up to a half. I used the Nike Coach to train for my first 10k and it was a major success. I finished the race in 1:12 and change and during training I saw my mile time go down over the course of training. I’m planning on using it again to run a 15K in November (I’ll be using the 10K intermediate this time) and will most likely use the 13.1 to train a half in the spring. Good Luck and go for the half you can do it!

      1. Thank you! Shortly after I posted this, I found out the registration for this race is closed (boo). I’m so glad to hear that the Nike Training apps help though! I’m checking out more races to run by the end of the year, I’m excited. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    1. Udeme-Run the half marathon. I’ve been running them for years and it’s not hard. You break up the race mentally into segments and before you know it, you’re done 🙂 What you are doing now by training early is great…The only key advice I can give you is setting your pace and increasing it a notch on race day and pushing through. You’ll do great and have another accomplishment under belt. Remember, “you can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens you”.. Peace 🙂

      1. Thanks for the encouragement cousin!!!! 🙂 I’ll take all your advice. The race I posted about here is closed now, but I’m looking for other options! I want to see how far I can push myself and yes, totally agree with that scripture!

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