September Goals


Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about my goals for the month of September.  Something about the start of fall and the “back to school” commotion got me thinking about goals.  I’ll  be honest, I’ve never been a huge goal setter, even though I know the benefits of writing things down and having visual reminders of what we want to accomplish.  I guess most of my life, up until recently, my goals were school, more school, and even more school, bar exam, get a job….then what?  Now that I’ve been employed in a legal job (thank goodness) for almost a year, I think now is a good time to evaluate some things I want to accomplish.

1. Make time to cultivate my creative side 

Let me just put this out there.  My job does not leave much room to be creative.  And now that the wedding is over, I’ve realized that I was using that as a creative outlet and I need to find other things to replace that.  For me, being creative can be a lot of things.  Some of the things I want to do are devote more time to blogging/writing.  I also want to make time to do more yoga.  I haven’t been since before the wedding and I always start to feel a little off-kilter if I don’t make time for a regular yoga practice.  Lastly, I want to continue reading for pleasure regularly.  I’ve done pretty good with this lately but I want to keep it up. If you’re on a Goodreads, add me (username Kyra SIms)!

2. Get back to regular exercise

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve exercised since getting married.  I’m not going to beat myself up about it; it was important to enjoy being a newlywed and soak up the time we spent going out to dinner and drinking too many glasses of champagne 🙂  I don’t regret it, and wouldn’t take it back, but it’s time to get back on track.  One of the big reasons (read: excuses) that I haven’t been working out regularly is because I’ve had analysis paralysis trying to find a new gym.  Since I moved across town, going to the gym I was working out at previously isn’t a realistic option since it takes me 25 minutes minimum to get there.  There’s a gym near our apartment that offers BodyPump classes (my absolute go-to group exercise class that I took while in law school) that I will most likely join.  It is so important for my mental and physical health to exercise regularly and I have to make time for it.

3. Eat more vegetables 

I do a pretty good job of making rough meal plans that I keep in mind when grocery shopping.  I’ve also done pretty decent at cooking at home during the week and going out only on the weekend.  But, I’ve definitely been slacking on my vegetable intake and I am going to try and be more conscious to include a vegetable in all of my lunches and dinners and one snack per day.

4.  Go on 2-3 walks per week

This goal might begin and end in September because winter in Michigan is coming (siighhhhhh).  But, my husband and I have been going on walks some evenings during the week and it has been so nice.  Talking about our days without the distraction of technology has been great for connecting after work.  Plus, the weather is still decent and fall is my favorite season.

5. Strive for balance

This will always be an ongoing goal, but life changes make it more difficult.  I could devote a whole blog post (let me know in the comments if you’d be interested) on how life has changed since getting married.  As I figure out my new identity as a wife, I also have to maintain/juggle my other relationships as a daughter, sister, aunt, employee, etc.  Equally as important I have to maintain and nurture the relationship I have with myself.  No easy task but something we all struggle with!

I think 5 goals is enough and attainable, nothing super lofty.  I should mention that if you’re a fellow blogger and looking for new content I was inspired to write this post from Girl Meets Life September Blogging Challenge.  Check it out!


What are your goals for September?

Does the start of fall signify new beginnings for you?

Are you a frequent goal setter? If so, do you write them down, have a vision board, Pinterest board, etc?  Let me know in the comments!



More about Kyra

Kyra is a wife and dog mom to an adorable French Bulldog. Attorney by day and health/fitness blogger by night. Lives, works, plays, and eats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


    1. LOVE. Just seeing this Piks. 1) I’m so with you on the fitness side and balance 2) so cool to see you write “husband” 3) That blogging challenge is clutch (I’ve been slippin)

    1. […] 1:00pm – Head home for lunch.  I’m so spoiled living 10  minutes away from my office and it is so nice to be able to come home and eat real food and lay on the couch in the middle of the day!  I had a leftover shrimp and noodle dish that my mother-in-law made that I bulked up with some raw spinach (eating my veggies!) […]

    1. That’s interesting! My goal is to ease up on diet because *sings* “it’s my birthday in 3 days” Whoot whoot. And celebrate it until Oct. Lol. I have to look up Good reads now. I’m currently on “Becoming Naomi Leon”

    1. Happy early birthday! Definitely indulge and enjoy 🙂 Yes, Goodreads is awesome! You put in the books you’ve read and are currently reading and it recommends other books you might like and is also a social networking site.

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