My Weekend Highlight: Fall Hair Update

Since Monday is rapidly approaching, I might as well reflect on my weekend. This one was a good one, though it really was focused on one main thing—my hair. Saturday was another wash day. Flashback to three weeks back when I took my twists out and I could not find my favorite deep conditioner posted below:


2014-10-19 17.45.40


Therefore, my hair was perturbed and uncooperative that initial wash day. The following weekend, I still could not find that stuff (I usually re-up at TJ Maxx). As I shopped with my fiance who was in town visiting, he looked perplexed and relayed that I should just grab another kind of conditioner. *Sigh* I had to explain to him that it didn’t work like that and that my hair was choosy and not fickle when it came to what products she gels with (pun intended). The following week, I was in Sprouts getting some more “goodies” for my Daniel fast when I went to the hair aisle out of curiosity. Ta-da! There she was, my lovely Giovanni <3.

2014-10-25 14.53.27
Happy, deep conditioned, coily hair

After deep conditioning, I had the style below in mind which I had been eyeing for quite a while:

To achieve this goddess braid, I finally followed the directions in the video, even though I reallllllly didn’t feel like doing much after washing and deep conditioning. I gave in and blow dried my hair on medium so that I could get my hair stretch out a bit. I’ve attempted the look above before without stretching my hair, but my  curls always made the braid look lumpy and sloppy and I didn’t have the length I needed due to shrinkage. Luckily, my hair was in mini sections any way, so it was actually a pretty quick blow dry:


2014-10-25 15.46.13
Stretched, bye for now curls

I copied the video as much as I could and was able to get my style for the week. I will wear this to the gym and work and hopefully, it will hold up. I am not very good with my hands, but I’m going to try to attempt more styles in the future after exploring more in the YouTube matrix.

2014-10-25 16.46.41
Close up
2014-10-25 19.29.43
Mission accomplished

2014-10-25 19.27.59



 Did you have any weekend highlights? New hair care discoveries? Share in the comments! 🙂

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      1. Thanks so much! And really?? Didn’t know,yes it does! All these companies are trying to catch up haha.

      1. Thanks losario! Wash days are a necessary time drain, I had a good one this past weekend though. Much better than my previous two.

    1. The style looks great on you! And it really looks just like the video too. Back in the day when I had a bunch of hair, I would watch YouTube videos all the time for tutorials, but always ended up frustrated when it didn’t come out right. #lesigh I tended to resort to a wash n go or a high bun. lol. Hope the style lasted for the full week + cheers to another weekend!

      1. Thank you Kimberly! Appreciate it. And yessss, I have a love/hate relationship with tutorials. Since my hair has grown out more I decided to give this one a go, glad it worked out, and it lasted all week. Wearing it now, I’ll have another wash day tomorrow, then I’ll figure something else out lol. Happy Friday! 🙂

    1. So so so cute! Did your hair hold up the entire week? I did this one Sunday when my hair was giving me trouble. Might have to try it again now that I see how nicely you did yours.

      1. Thanks Emem! It did 🙂 and I’m thinking of doing this style again for Christmas or just leaving it curly. We shall see. And yea, go for it!. It’s fun experimenting, I love how versatile our hair is.

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