CHALLENGE: #SweatingForTheWedding + Updates

Life has been super hectic, but I’m back! Typically, when I take a hiatus from blogging, it means I’ve fallen off the wagon. However, I am happy to report that I’ve been on a fitness kick for about 3 weeks and I’m more motivated than ever because:

Friendly challenge
Friendly challenge

It’s nice to have an extra push toward reaching my fitness goals. If you have been browsing around the home page of the blog, you can see all of our latest updates on Twitter and Instagram. As indicated in these texts, I took my measurements and:

photo (32)

I added some inches since February (boooo) so I had to kick it into high gear. Not to mention that I had my first wedding dress appointment this past Saturday! We’re STILL working on nailing a date, but I want to try on some dresses while my family members are in town for the holidays so we can all enjoy the experience. Therefore, I prefer to feel healthy/non-bloated/in-shape while dress shopping so I am working hard to combat my  extreme holiday indulgences.

Current Goals: Lose inches (especially whittle my waist) and tone my arms (I’m currently seeking a great boxing app)

Current Workouts: Nike Training Club galore, Nike Running galore, Spinning classes, 5 mile challenge routine

I will have a post detailing my Nike Training Club experience because they have been kicking my butt lately and helping me torch calories. I am currently doing the Get Lean, Beginner program and I am in my final week. Be on the lookout for that post! The days left in 2014 are winding down. I’m hoping to stay strong with my routine during this holiday period so that I have a great head start for 2015 🙂

Any new fitness updates? Have you been on point with your health? Share in the comments!

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    1. congratulations! Great job – planning is half the battle sometimes 🙂 I’m sweating for the wedding too. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! Congrats to you as well. And exactly, it really is. Just trying to stay consistent now.

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