The Fitness Come Up: My Christmas Haul!

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a whole lot of peace, love and abundance in this new year. This past Christmas was nice because I got to reunite with family near and far and I loved being able to give out gifts this year. The past few years were tough on my pockets and though I’m not currently rolling in dough, I’m definitely not pauper status any longer. As I gave, I received so much in return. The best gifts were intangible and I was able to have precious moments with family and friends for which I am truly grateful for.

My tangible gifts weren’t too shabby either. Among the various gifts I received, were various fitness related items from my cousins, aunties, sisters and fiancé 🙂 I’ve been into fitness for years, but I think many of my loved ones got the memo that I need to kick it into high gear in 2015, especially with a wedding coming up in the fall :-).

Here are some of the items I got this past Christmas:

The come up!
The come up!

My haul included new tank tops, great headphones, boxing gloves (to tone my STUBBORN arms), workout leggings, and a sports bra. I was hype to say the least. I truly have absolutely no excuses to get in the best shape of my life this year.

And now, for honesty hour:

Honesty Hour

I’m more than a bit fluffy from the holiday. I don’t know what it is about being around people you love and wanting to indulge on all goodies, but that’s ALWAYS how I tend to get down. I have to cut myself some slack though because I did steadily workout throughout December which is a rarity for me. After Christmas Eve hit though…I packed on some pounds. As I said on Instagram though, I truly do believe that resolutions don’t have to be useless! It’s all about action. I have a plan so now I just have to get moving.

And I did! I completed a nice New Year’s Day run this AM:

Day ONE.
Day ONE.

I will be posting about my January routine in the coming days. There is a challenge I am embarking on with my sister and fiancé which should be perfect to jumpstart my #SweatingForTheWedding life.



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      1. Haha well, I feel fluffy! Thank you though, and I shall try; baby steps 🙂

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