Invasion of The Waist Snatchers: Fitness Gimmick Or Legit?

I know you’ve seen them.

Lurking around on the popular pages of Instagram or tweeted from the pages of curvy celebs:

Those waist trainers/cinchers/snatchers! Because many have been singing their praises, I had to pause and ask myself, “Do these contraptions actually work?”

This isn’t the first time I’ve ventured into waist snatcher territory. I discussed my waist trimmer belt trial here, but the verdict was still out. The waist trimmer wasn’t so extreme though. It was just a fitted band that made me sweat a bunch in my belly region. The waist trainer…is different.

Flashback to July 2014. I saw a 4th of July waist cincher sale that I couldn’t resist so I gave in, added to cart and waited for my shipment to arrive. Initially, the process of putting this thing on was a chore! I mean, I had to really grip, and pull and attach and suck in. And exhale.

Waist Cincher

I didn’t wear the thing religiously, but I have started to recently. It’s easier to get into these days, but I think that has more to due with the ease of the elasticity than a whittled waist, but I’ll know for sure when I take my next round of measurements. I have noticed that it seems to keep my posture in check (I struggle with my posture) and that it helps me remember to hold in my belly while working out, since I really have no choice when it’s on me. I plan on getting my money’s worth and seeing if this can supplement my healthy habits. Once I see results, I don’t think my waist trainer can get all the glory as  there are so many variables to weight loss and physique change. A true test of its effectiveness would be to have someone who is not active and does not have the best diet wear one habitually and monitor their measurements.

Though waist trainers are popular, not all talk has been positive. There has been talk of the potential dangers waist-trainers, but there haven’t been conclusive studies run to my knowledge. It also seems that potential dangers are tied more to steel boned corsets, which are the old-school, serious relative of modern day waist trainers.

Regardless, while the hype surrounding waist trainers doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon, there is no denying that clean eating clean and exercising will always be effective. So whether you invest in a waist trainer or not, you can still reach your goals by sticking with the basics! I’ll chart my progress, however, I only wear my waist trainer during workouts. Because my workouts range from 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs, it’s very unlikely that a waist trainer could have a measurable effect in that amount of time. I’ll continue to workout and keep my diet in check; that should be enough to get my waist snatched.

   Have you ever invested in a gimmicky weight-loss/fitness product?  Was it effective? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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    1. No, I have not. I’m happy with waste area. When I get strict with my diet, it’s usually to trim my behind which helps all around anyway.

      1. Lucky! Haha, are there particular foods/type of diet that you notice really has an impact on the waist? I have noticed that my waist looks smaller since I began running consistently. Any tips you have would be great 🙂

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