Drumrollllllll: January Progress & February Fitness Agenda

I made it through every single one of my January workouts! This means that I successfully completed my running challenge and Nike Training Club 4 week program I mentioned here!

My theme for January was FOCUS. Each day I woke up super early to work out and I just kept reminding myself that it was my time of the day to do something truly beneficial for myself. I also had extra motivation from my #sweatingforthewedding life and also the friendly fitness competitions that I was engaged in.

Without further ado, let’s review my specific January goals:

Drop 10 lbs

Lose 1-2 inches


I have lost 7.6 pounds to date. It’s not 10, but I don’t care, I’ll take it! And I have lost a total of 2.2 inches (from the hips, forearm (random) and chest (always the first to go) :-(. Not too shabby for the month of January! I think realistic fitness goals are key and totally doable.

For February, I embark on a new theme – GOODBYE COMFORT ZONE!

First, I am currently participating in a more rigorous running challenge with my sister and cousin (Run 40 Miles in the Month of February). I’ve clocked 10 miles so far and I’ll need to hit 10 miles a week until the 28th, eek!

IMG_1018Next, I have solicited the assistance of a wonderful e-trainer who happens to be my favorite fitness Instagrammer- @TameikaG. I think I was hesistant to get help from a trainer in the past because it’s pricey and simply due to pride. I had the, “I got this far on my own so I’m good” attitude. I’m over that phase as I have realized that I’ve hit a wall these past years in terms of being able to morph my physique. Despite gaining or losing weight, my body tends to look the same! My hope is that I can get more help with nutrition and implement effective strength training workouts. I want to reach optimum results and I’m super excited to begin the program next week!

February Goals

  • Keep up with my workouts consistently
  • Follow my 4 week e-training plan and go hard during workouts
  • Lose 4 pounds
  • Lose an inch off my waist

I will be checking in around the same time next month. Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend!


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