Weight-Loss Talk: Excess Baggage,Travel Weight

Plane, train, automobile.

I’ve used each of these modes of transportation over the past year. I love to travel when I get the chance and I stay checking my PTO to see when I can plan more getaways! It’s so nice to unwind and go off the grid for a few, but it can lead to some unwanted detours if you’re on a fitness routine. In the past, my motto was always, “what’s a diet anyway when you’re on vacay?” To be honest, I’m still aligned with this simply because if I’m traveling to a location I’ve never been, I have to check out the local cuisine! It’s only fair and life is short. For instance, you can be sure I’ll be indulging when I venture on my honeymoon!

The type of travel situations I’m referring to are more habitual and/or less for leisure, i.e. work trips, visiting a loved one. Here are two common scenarios that I personally encounter and how I currently attempt to stay on track:

Travel situation 1– Visiting a loved one, case in point: My fiance lives in Dallas so we both travel A LOT to see each other. I packed on pounds not just due to the love bug (that’s a whole different story and I’ll post about that too), but also because I treated every. single. trip. like it was an indulgence vacation. It really threw off my progress. Since I’ve been on a solid routine for the past month, I vowed to not let travel destroy me! My first test came Super Bowl weekend:

STRATEGIES –  (1) I’m honest about my fitness goals and I urge my fiance to help me stay on track and hold me accountable. In the past, I would tell him about my plans and sort of waiver and cave in immediately. This time, I stuck to my guns and we were on point! I will say that he is also about that #sweatingforthewedding life so that helped since he was  great at sticking to his healthy living tip when I was in town.  But even if he wasn’t, I still would have made my intentions clear and planned accordingly. (2) In the past, we always managed to squeeze in a walk or run regardless of how on point we were with out diets. This last time, we kicked it up a notch (ran about 4 miles and walked two; this workout also coincided the last day of my Nike Running challenge). It was nice to go outside and walk his dog and talk about life. (3) I also made sure to reserve my cheat meal for that weekend so we did get to enjoy some wings and fries from Wingstop. (4) And, I took my water bottle with me everywhere. Therefore, a potential cheat weekend was solely a cheat meal. Success.

Travel situation 2: Random trips that I didn’t plan a.k.a. this is not a vacay. I’ve had to travel unexpectedly, wherein I found myself staying at hotels. I happened to be on the east coast where it’s currently frigid for this Californian.

STRATEGIES – (1) I checked to see if the hotel had a gym so I could avoid the unforgiving climate.  (2) I also had handy workouts I could do in the hotel room as well (Nike Training Club) or this one we discussed a while back. (3) In terms of meals, I selected low calorie/high protein options since my cheat meal didn’t fall on those travel days (boo). (4)And, I took my water bottle with me everywhere.


* If you’re a habitual traveler to a particular destination and you’re on a fitness regimen, let the person you’re visiting know! If they know you’re really serious about your plans, they will work around it and possibly try to help you out.

* Try to have a cheat meal and cheat drink land during the time of your visit so that you can get to indulge a bit with your loved one and so you don’t feel deprived, especially since you’re bound to eat out.

* Exercise with your loved-one! Whether it’s 30 min or a full hour, a little goes a long way.

* Traveling for work or some other occasion? Try to stick with healthier options and get some workouts in at the hotel to combat those extra calories that you might not be able to forego

* Don’t forget that water bottle and try not to drink you calories! Traveling presents unpredictability (what’s available to eat at the airport, what’s on the menu when you’re dining out etc.) but at least you can be in control of your water intake and save some calories.

* On a real vacation?  ENJOY and relax 🙂


Do you have any pointers for staying fit while traveling habitually? Share in the comments!


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