7 Takeaways From My E-Training Adventure & February Progress Recap

Four weeks ago, I embarked on a new fitness journey which was definitely out of my comfort zone. I solicited the help of my favorite fitness Instagrammer @TameikaG and I promised myself that I would give 100%.


Here are the seven main takeaways from my experience which I truly hope will be beneficial for you as well. My program ended this past week :-(, but I’m still implementing everything that I’ve learned!

1. Eat Your Veggies

Arugula is my friend
Arugula is my friend

Seems self explanatory, but there’s more. And Kyra has talked about this on the blog a few times, case in point here. When I say eat your veggies, I mean for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Yes, incorporate those vegetables, especially green veggies. Why? For one, they are low in calories and fat. And the bonus is the fiber helps provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.

2. Cook. A lot – Before starting the training, Tameika emailed me a questionnaire  which covered my fitness history, likes/dislikes etcetera. One question asked about whether or not I ate out for lunch. I RARELY eat out for lunch. I’m that co-worker that you give up asking to grab lunch because I have my lunch bag in tow and read to go. Therefore, Tameika laid out meals that I would be cooking and I cooked A LOT. It was time consuming, but necessary for my progress. Ironically, I didn’t prep on the weekends out of laziness (besides stocking up on groceries). The recipes were quick and easy so I just managed to make them at night or in the AM before heading to work. If you cook your food from scratch, you are in control of what you’re eating. There’s no difficult ingredients to decode or pronounce and you can truly track your calories accurately.

You can never go wrong with pizza.
You can never go wrong with pizza.

3. Eat Up, OFTEN – I’m on a food schedule now and it has been wonderful. I feel way more organized and my metabolism has seemed to kick up a notch. I eat at 8AM, 12PM, 4PM and 8PM; if I’m hungry between those times, I snack on those veggies or something that’s healthy and rich in protein. These aren’t completely rigid times, most recommend eating every 3-4 hours which is ideal for my schedule. It’s great because my body doesn’t get deprived for too long. This is the first time in my life that my body feels like a machine of sorts—my meals are NECESSARY to my fitness routine, especially due to numbers 4 & 5.



4. Hit Those Weights – Oh my best frenemy. I have a love/hate relationship with weight training. However, my emotions are starting to shift more toward love. My Mondays – Fridays were dedicated to specific muscle groups, including my core. I’ve been looking to drop my body fat percentage and weight training is helping me reach that goal. As I build muscle, the more calories I’ll burn while resting. Therefore, my metabolism has sped up and base on my before and after pictures, I’ve shed some fat over these four weeks.



Walk to min, sprint 2 min. REPEAT until 30 min complete

5. HIIT IT – High intensity interval training aka smart cardio. I did HIIT about 3 times a week on this plan. It challenged my body and helped me torch calories. I also implemented classes which utilized this training method (spinning and Insanity class).



2015-02-01 12.31.06-16. Drink a ton of water– Self explanatory. I aimed for 2 liters on days that I didn’t train (Weds and Sundays) and 3 liters all other days. I either drank out of my liter or drank unsweetened tea.



Slow and steady wins. Before, Left. After, Right.
Slow and steady wins. Before, Left. After, Right.


7. Be Patient – I was frustrated at times due to my fluctuating statistics. Tameika assured me that if I stuck to the plan, I would see results. I pushed through and the results did come. I’ve built some muscle and cut a little fat in this short period of time. My goal is to keep it up so that I can see more results!


My goals for February were: 1) Keep up with my workouts consistently; 2) Follow my 4 week e-training plan and go hard during workouts; 3) Lose 4 pounds; 4) Lose an inch off my waist

I was consistent, I finished my program and I went as hard as I could. In the end I lost 5 pounds in the past month  and 2.5 inches from my waist! For remainder of March, my goal is to SWITCH IT UP! I want my workouts to be unpredictable so that my body doesn’t get too used to routine. I still intend to do weights on the designated days. However, I’ll be doing different forms of HIIT and general cardio. Specifically, I’d be happy to lose 3 more pounds and get into the 20s on my waist, it’s currently at 30.5.

Have you ever had a personal trainer? How are you keeping up with your overall fitness goals? Share in the comments!


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    1. Great job! You’re doing a great job!!!! I never have had a personal trainer, other than when I did a few Beachbody programs and had a coach with that. Mostly, I just do my workouts at home now.

      1. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. And yea, it was my first time having one. Never had one at my gym (too expensive). I’m glad I learned more tips and hopefully I can keep making progress on my own. And home workouts are clutch!

        1. I hear you on the too expensive thing! I hope to get some yoga in 3 times a week at a studio soon! I known form is terrible & I think having an instructor there will help a lot. Maybe there’ll be a Groupon sale or something soon!

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