Friday Favorites: An Easy DIY Vanity/Workspace Makeover

Happy Friday!

There are those that love a great DIY project and those that shudder with fear and look for a comparable buy that they won’t have to lay a hand on. I’m the latter– I want to buy something and be done with it. But, since I’d never actually tackled a DIY project, I decided to finally give one a shot and see if my feelings were warranted.

Because I’ve moved across country three times in the last few years, I usually don’t bother thinking about getting pieces of furniture I love to turn my space into a home. I usually just fill my space with what I have and make it work. I always had the student mentality of, I’ll only be here a couple years so why splurge or get too attached. Those nomadic days are over (thankfully). I’m married now, my car is shipped, we bought a place—it’s stable. Since this last move, I have tried to step my furniture and decor game up.

Unfortunately, our condo doesn’t have much counter space in our bathrooms. Doing my hair and makeup has been a headache. And when I tidy up and store my products, it’s awkward seeing my hair and makeup products next to bathroom cleaning products under the sink. Plus, I always had my products falling off the counter tops. The last straw was when my jar of TGIN Honey Miracle Mask tumbled and spilled. I almost wept for that $16 jar (yes, sixteen dollars).

I needed a vanity space, stat. I went hunting for a great, sleek white desk with storage space. I had settled with furniture in the past, but I decided to settle no more! I came across several white desks that I loved, but they were either too pricey or they didn’t have great storage space (either no drawers or just one long drawer which I wasn’t too keen on). I knew I wanted to get a desk from Target since I had a gift card from our wedding so I kept looking. After Googling some more, I came across this awesome post by Julie of Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss. She was able to transform a salsa red desk from Target into a lovely, sleek white desk. Ironically, I had come across this desk at Target, but I ignored it due to the color. The project seemed doable so I set to it!

Original desk

Original Vanity

Products for Transformation:

Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer, Krylon Gold Spray Paint, Extra White Pro Classic Enamel from Sherwin Williams (I went to my local Sherwin Williams for this paint and got the smallest size, NOT the gallon), a paint brush and paint roller set, plastic cloth so it didn’t get messy, and small artist sized brushes (not pictured). I also recommend getting blue painting tape and you’ll see why below.



My husband and I took the desk to our balcony after laying out the plastic cloth. We decided to start with the bottom of the desk as the guinea pig since we had never painted furniture before. We started with the primer and did two coats, let it dry, and began painting (two coats were enough).

2016-01-03 14.44.042016-01-03 16.40.58

Once it was dry, we flipped it over and repeated the process, except I did the last coat of paint the following day since we had errands to run and the temperature was dropping and wasn’t ideal for painting. We decided to leave the inside of the drawers red for a bit of extra pop and since no one would really see it. It’s a nice extra highlight because you can slightly see the red on the base of each drawer.

2016-01-03 18.22.35
I added one more coat of paint to the desk the following day to make the paint job even.

We also painted the drawers and this was tricky because I forgot to buy blue tape. I used cardboard that I had laying around from the brush packages to help with spray painting evenly. This was the only way to get the handles gold without spraying the drawers gold. I highly recommend getting blue tape.

2016-01-04 11.09.24
Desk, with gold spray paint struggles. You can see that the drawer got sprayed on accident. I had to prime and paint that area again with small brushes.


2016-01-05 17.43.55


Here are some of my favorite pieces of decor in my vanity area/work space:

2016-01-03 11.03.31
I found this awesome makeshift shelf with jewelry hangers from HomeGoods.


2016-01-07 19.42.21
I can store some nail polish and jewelry here.


Convenient drawers with an organizer inside that I got at my bridal shower last year.
Convenient drawers with an organizer inside that I got at my bridal shower last year.
2016-01-07 19.43.10
Cute jewelry and knick/knack storage from Home Goods.
2016-01-03 11.00.48
Nicole Miller Lamp from HomeGoods.
Makeover complete!
Makeover complete!

I absolutely love this space! I can do my hair, makeup and my laptop and planners fit with ease so I can check emails, blog, and do other work related tasks. This transformation was pretty easy and if I can do it as a novice, anyone can. I don’t have any more DIY projects on the horizon, but I don’t think I’ll be so hesitant to try another one out in the future.

What are some of your favorite things right now? Have you ever attempted a DIY project? Share in the comments!


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    1. My last diy project was Christmas decorations and I must say it IS pretty impressive. To add to that, no cost because all re-used. My favorite things are the name brand steals I got from the 99 cnets store tree: Dove ultra cream cleanser and Simple gel moisturizer

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