Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I hope that you all had a great week with minimal stress. If you experienced #Blizzard2016 like me, I hope you’ve managed to escape from hibernation and that you’re safe and sound. Because it’s the last Friday in January (already), I’ve decided to share the things that I’ve been loving this month:

Favorite Place to Shop

Friday Favorites

I’m not the biggest fan of shopping. I like to get in and out and be on my way which is why I tend to prefer online shopping since I can click, checkout and be done.  But then, I fell in love with HomeGoods. I used to go there once in a while with my family but I wouldn’t make the effort to go on my own. And then I grew up (sort of, still adulting), bought a place with my husband and I realized that I (we) had full reign on how to decorate. Seriously, there’s no place like HomeGoods! I love a good thrift shop, but I had been striking out lately (I haven’t found an awesome thrift shop I love out here in the DC area). HomeGoods has been the ultimate alternative. They have unique pieces that don’t break the bank, which is always a plus. Some recent purchases: a dope living room rug, two accent chairs, some pillows, a cutting board etc. My husband and I are good for now on decor and we’re budgeting so I’ll be saving up for another trip when we need it :-).

Favorite Protective Hair Style

2015-12-27 09.41.34

These Senegalese twists are simple and convenient for my workouts and daily life. I keep them moisturized with a spray bottle filled with water, coconut oil and deep conditioner. I’ll be rocking these a few more weeks and then I’ll have to find another style to get through this winter. This weather shift has definitely changed things.

Favorite Fitness Related Item


This was one of the gifts my husband and I got from our registry and it’s a winner! It’s an Escali Body Fat/Body Water Digital scale.  I love it because it gives an ACCURATE reading of weight, body fat and water weight. And you can store up to 10 users within the scale (so far it’s just me and my husband in there though). It’s definitely clutch.

Favorite Treat 


My friend brought these over since she bought them in preparation for the blizzard. They were heavenly.

Favorite Meme

2016-01-28 15.08.35

I saw this on a natural hair Instagram account and laughed so hard. Plus it features a favorite staple – coconut oil.

Favorite Song

This song is almost a year old but it’s gone viral recently and I really love it. It doesn’t hurt that I watched an awesome Allen Iverson documentary last month that made me appreciate this track even more; I can play it over and over. I usually listen to it when I’m browsing online and during my workout cool downs.

What are your favorite things as of late? Let us know in the comments!



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