Last Week’s Workouts: SoulCycle X Target & More

You all know that my main goal for March is to mix things up, especially with my workouts! This is to prevent sheer boredom and to break through my plateau which has officially arrived as expected. Since I’m in the land of plateau right now, I’m using March to get some momentum to continue achieving my desired progress. I had a lot of fun working out last week even though my diet could have been better, tis life. It’s all about balance and being consistent in the end. Here are the workouts I completed last week:

Workouts 2/29-3/5

Monday: 3.5 mile run via Nike Running Coach Feature

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run via Nike Running Coach Feature

Wednesday: Fitnessista’s Upper Body HIIT Blitz Workout  upperbody

This workout was awesome. While I was doing it, my heart rate was up and I really felt my upper body getting worked. When I woke up the next day, I was definitely sore. I’m going to try and incorporate more upper body workouts into my routine!

Thursday: 2 mile walk (active rest day)

Friday: My first SoulCycle Class! workouts

This was a great class and my plan is to do a dedicated post to SoulCycle so I can dish some more about my experience. This was a pop-up class in Washington D.C. and it was a collaboration between SoulCycle X Target. I walked away sweating and with some fitness goods that I couldn’t resist (blame Target).

Saturday: Zumba class with my friend

I haven’t done Zumba in years so it was nice to have a mini flash back. I wasn’t the best at getting down all the moves so sometimes I would just freestyle which was fine because I still burned a great amount of calories. It was a fun class.

Next Week…?

As for next week, I’ll be working on cleaning up my diet a bit and seeing what other new workouts I can incorporate. I’m hoping to do an OrangeTheory Fitness class next so be on the lookout for that! We hope you all have enjoyed your weekends!

What was on your fitness menu last week? Share in the comments!


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