The Best Twist-Out I’ve Ever Known

In the past, I was NEVER a fan of the twist-out. I know that this may be blasphemy to some naturalistas since it is a staple style for many, but twists-outs were always a bit too temperamental for me. Due to my lazy natural status, I expect to yield great results when I take a lot of time to style my hair. For me to sit down, section my hair and two-strand twist my whole head, I better come out looking right when it’s all unraveled!

But, this was usually not the case:

Sometime in 2014
Sometime in 2014

Granted, my length was a bit shorter in this picture and I didn’t section my hair well.

I fared better here during the summer time:

Excuse the cameo by the hubby, this was the best angle haha
Excuse the cameo by the hubby, this was the best angle haha

And then, I discovered the best twist-out I’d ever known by using a blow dryer. I noticed that when I blow dried my hair in sections and twisted it along the way, the twists would hold, even though they weren’t locked in for very long:

2015-11-30 17.57.46

With this in mind, I decided to search YouTube to see the methods others had used and I found this video to be the most helpful:

Products Used For My Twist-Out
  • As I Am Leave in Conditioner as i am
  • Coconut oil and a little bit of water on the ends as needed a long the way
Method Used For My Twist-Out

I co-washed my hair with As I Am Coconut Co-Wash (my favorite) and deep conditioned with TGIN’s Honey Miracle Mask (my other favorite). After my hair was all clean and fresh, I blow dried my hair in sections.

Now for the tricky part (for me)–parting my hair prior to twisting. In the past, I would just twist my hair without rhyme or reason– big no no.I used the bathroom mirror to figure out where I wanted to have a part on the front of my head and also to try to evenly divide the twists throughout my hair. This made the biggest difference by far.

Now for the easy part– I did two strand twists all over my head and moisturized each section with a little bit of As I Am leave in conditioner prior to twisting. I only used a teeny bit of water on the ends as seen in the YouTube video above. I then stretched out each twist and pinned them down on my head so that they would be stretched to give me length (this technique was learned from the video). I was pleased with the results since I didn’t even keep the twists in overnight because I had a dinner date with my husband that day:

2015-12-01 19.21.42

2015-12-01 19.22.30 2015-12-01 19.22.34

Apologies for the lighting, I took the twists out in the car while my husband was driving! I think I’ll all always use this method. I love that it keeps my hair stretched to show off a little bit of length and to frame my face. The weather is starting to warm up so I think I’ll do this style when my hair comes out of protective style hibernation. It’ll be perfect for spring! :-).

What technique do you use to achieve your best twist out? Let us know in the comments!


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