My 7 Day Slimdown Grocery List & Meal Prep

It is time to fulfill one of my March goals by completing Tone It Up’s 7 Day Slimdown (7DSD)! I’ve attempted the plan before, but I’ve never really finished it because of a lack of organization/just not feeling like it. I can’t guarantee that this time will be different, but I’m going to give it my all and I am way more organized this time around.

Why I’m Doing The 7 Day Slimdown

In a nutshell? I need to keep switching things up in order to drop some pounds. I’m still trying to shed my post-wedding pounds so this will be a nice jump-start. Also, I haven’t been eating tons of veggies throughout the day so this will definitely help with that. I’m hoping to feel less bloated and look a little bit more lean. I’m not looking forward to eating all of these meals since they aren’t bursting with flavor, but I made sure to get lots of Mrs. Dash seasoning, fresh garlic, lemon and some herbs to help me out.

My Grocery List

Here is a peek into my grocery list for the week:

7 Day Slimdown




I had to remix some things. For example, I added in turkey bacon for extra protein and because I don’t like eating egg whites by itself. Even if I add hot sauce or salsa, it still isn’t enough for me. Next, I’m not having any post-dinner yogurt because I’ve had plenty of dairy lately and I want to take a break from it this week (see “Meal” 6). Lastly, I’m using this protein powder that I love and adding in PB2 since I love peanut butter and it’s low calorie (see Meal 4 above).

My Meal Plan

I got this awesome 7 Day Slimdown Meal Plan template from Lauren of Lauren Lives Healthy. She also has a great checklist, progress chart and her own sample meal plan. I downloaded a blank meal plan from her website and made my own plan based on the parameters of the 7DSD.


This meal plan acts as a loose guide for me. I don’t mind eating the same thing everyday to keep things simple for me– hence the repetition above. I will definitely add-on Tone It Up approved snacks if need be!

My Workouts

I’ll be checking out some of these Tone It Up Workouts, but honestly, my main goal is to focus on the meal plan. I will be doing AM runs for the morning booty-call and I’m revisiting this get shredded routine for my PM workouts. I’ll be checking in with you all to let you see how it goes and hopefully it will motivate me to keep with it this time around. Wish me luck!

Have you ever tried the 7 Day Slimdown? What’s on your fitness agenda for the week?

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    1. Never tried the slim down. Goal for the week is to workout 5 days in a row and lay off the ice cream for those 5 days.

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