7 Day Slimdown, Day 1 Recap

I survived day 1 of the 7 Day Slimdown which I talked about yesterday, phew. It is definitely tougher than I remembered and I can see why I struggled with it before. I’ve been hungry, not going to lie, but I just ate Meal 5 and I’m feeling good. I’m hoping to get better on the timing of my meals (making sure that I absolutely eat every 2-3 hours) to prevent that super hungry feeling.

7 Day Slimdown Day 1 Full Recap:

BootyCall: A quick 30 minute AM walk/jog around my neighborhood

2016-03-14 08.58.25-2

M1: Slimdown scramble w/ Canadian Bacon

M2: A huge grapefruit

2016-03-14 11.56.27-2

M3: Grilled chicken breast with greens and veggies and an apple

7 Day Slimdown

M4: A YUMMY chocolate peanut butter protein powder smoothie w/ unsweetened almond milk (check out this post to see what protein powder I use)

Cardio: 30 minute incline power walk on the treadmill

Toning: This weight training routine and I even printed it out and took a pencil to track the amount of weight I lifted! I’m trying to get real serious about getting stronger and I’m hoping this will stick.

M5: Grilled salmon filet, serving of brown rice and greens!

7 Day Slimdown

M6: Lemon and ginger tea!

Water Intake: 96 ounces! This is the most water I’ve had in a day in a long while.


This is going to be hard, but I think I can do it. It’s pretty tedious but at least day one is down. I will say that I do feel lighter in a way because I’ve been eating so many veggies and it feels like my body is really happy about that. And, I hit 156 grams of protein today which is impressive for me. That’s all folks! I’m going to head to bed soon so I can get up in time to do it all over again tomorrow.

Goodnight 🙂


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    1. Great job, Udeme! The first few days are the most difficult. Is it possible to have the “like” button in the email post?

      1. Thank you Vonnie! And yes definitely, I’ll be posting a full update soon. And it used to be, but we’re self hosted now so we don’t have the “like” button in the emails yet. Hoping to have it soon!

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