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7DSD Confessions: My Experience & Results

I have officially wrapped up the 7 Day Slimdown friends! It was challenging and took a lot of planning as I expected. This is the first time that I’ve survived the full 7 days. There were minimal slip ups (missing a meal, not having the full serving of veggies, slipping on water intake etc.) but, I stayed true to the spirit of the slim down. I prepped my meals, guzzled water even if I didn’t always drink the recommended 90 ounces, and I woke by butt up and got booty call workouts in and PM workouts in as well.

7DSD Day by Day Summary

Day 1 (click the link for the summary)

7 day slimdown
Karena & Katrina (founders of Tone It Up and The 7 Day Slimdown) showed us some love on IG.

Day 2: I got my booty call workout in. I noticed that walking at a brisk pace was my go to since I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to run this week. This may be due to the diet adjustments and also because I have been on the verge of burning out from running since I’ve been doing the Nike Running coach program. My PM workout was cardio and toning via this program I blogged about before.  My meals were virtually the same as day one. I  hit about 72 oz of water.

7 Day Slimdown
M4 for the whole week. Chocolate PB protein smoothie. So good.

Day 3: Missed my booty call workout :-(. But I made up for it later with a spinning class at my gym. I mixed up my proteins that day by having some ground turkey and veggies. I added just a bit of Frank’s hot sauce to the mix for flavor. My water intake was around 70-80 ounces.

7 Day Slimdown
Protein veggie bowl

Day 4: My booty call workout was another AM walk. I didn’t get to eat all of my meals in a timely fashion because I had a meeting to go to but, I was still able to make it to my PM workout. 2016-03-17 19.10.02

Day 5: I got my booty call workout in (AM walk). I ate well but I ran out of salmon which made me sad because I LOVE LOVE the salmon I’ve been making as of late. Instead I loaded up on the prepped grilled chicken breast which I didn’t enjoy as much because it tasted so bland. My PM workout was toning and 30 minutes on the spin bike.

2016-03-18 18.47.09

Day 6: This was a necessary rest day for the week. I was really sore from the two-a-days and weight lifting, especially in my lower back which is odd for me (I clearly hadn’t been training those muscles for some time). I took it easy and stuck to the meal plan which was hard since this was a Saturday. Luckily, the gloomy weather turned me into a shut-in for the day so I wasn’t too tempted (besides the girl scout cookies I bought the day before the slimdown..don’t judge, had to cop these cookies before girl scout cookie season ended).

7 day slimdown
Eat me.

Day 7: This was another rest day *gasp*. I only did light walking at Costco (yes I count that) and Safeway. I was really bad on water intake, I didn’t bring my bottle with me while running errands…lesson learned!

7 Day Slim Down Results

I’ve lost 2.8 pounds and most importantly, I’ve lost 6.8 inches all over my body!

7 Day Slimdown

I can’t really see a difference in these pictures, but I feel lighter and more comfortable in my clothes. I’m really happy about this progress because it helped me break through my plateau. I’m hoping to keep the momentum going as time goes on and I’m going to take it one day, one meal and one workout at a time.


I’m glad the slimdown is over since it was pretty rigid. But I feel no bloat which is awesome and I do feel more toned. I honestly think this schedule of workouts and meals is great for weight-loss because it keeps you moving and fed throughout the day which keeps the metabolism revved up. And this program has reminded me to:

  • Drink water
  • Eat those veggies
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Get moving

I am excited to welcome back some grains and dairy into my life but I am going to try to incorporate the meal system in my daily routine. I figure it can only help keep me organized and keep my portions under control which is my biggest nemesis. I may not always be able to do two workouts a day, but when my schedule permits, I’m also going to try to incorporate this. I found that waking up a bit earlier and getting outside for just 30 minutes gave me more energy and it almost acted as a safety net for the rest of my day in case I missed a PM workout (thankfully I got all my PM workouts in ). Also, I have struggled so much with protein intake in the past, but last week? It was a breeze. I hit well over 100 grams each day, and my average was around 130-150 grams. This was super eye opening and I can attribute this to the protein servings in the slimdown—definitely keeping this in mind for the future!

Have you ever completed the 7 Day Slimdown or a similar program? What did you think?
Share your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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    1. I can definitely see a difference in the pictures. Your side and stomach areas look slimmer in the Day 7 photo. Good job Udeme! Keep up the good work

    1. Good job! That sounds familiar. In the last two weeks of my six pack plan, I terminated cheese and grains. Only dairy I consumed was plain Greek yogurt for shakes. Looking forward to seeing your final result, Udeme.

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