4 Great Natural Hair Styles For The Gym

I realized that I talked about natural hair care and working out in the past, but I never got into specifics about the styles I wear. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably had a sneak peak at the way I rock my hair during workouts. Now obviously your hair will win in the gym if it’s pulled back away from your face and body to avoid all that sweat. The key is to implement styles that keep your hair in a manageable state for your daily life in and out the gym. Here are four convenient natural hair styles that won’t hold you back during and after your workouts.

4 Natural Hair Styles For The Gym
Twists (With Extensions)

For me, this style is the crock-pot of natural hair–you set it (get it done) and forget it which is awesome! Of all the styles in this list, this is the most low-maintenance for me.

natural hair
Even in twists, hair is up and pulled away.
natural hair
Notice that my twists are large and parted in large sections of course











A word or two of caution: 1) twists or braids with extensions are not for everybody and 2) you’ve got to  choose your hair-braider wisely! Some folks just don’t have the best of luck with twist or braid extensions, particularly in a boxed braid style. If your hair tends to be weaker or is prone to breakage, the styles below will be your best bet.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t had this problem and I’ve been getting my hair braided since I was a youngin’. But, these days I typically get twists or braid extensions once a year and I don’t leave them in very long (6-8 weeks max). Also, I spray the twists daily with a spray bottle mixed with water, coconut or castor oil and some of my favorite leave in conditioner. I get larger twists to prevent a high amount of manipulation on my head (it’s easier on my strands when the hair-braider parts my hair in larger sections) and I am ADAMANT about not having my twists too tight. My edges have thanked me.

Two-Strand Twists (Au Natural)

This style is great because it’s easy to do and because it helps to keep your hair stretched. The more stretched my hair is, the easier it is to deal with, especially on wash day.

2016-02-26 15.04.33 2016-02-26 09.55.30









I usually reserve this style for when I’m doing protective styling involving wigs (see pics at the end of post). These twists can get frizzy after a full week of serious workouts and are not always the most presentable. Post-workout, I can pin the twists flat on my head to prep for wig wearing. Or if I’m lucky and I’ve parted the twists well, I can unravel them and possibly have a great twist-out.

Stretched High Puff

This is my absolute go-to gym style as of late. It’s great because it keeps my hair stretched and reduces the amount of sweat that touches my strands. I find that post-work out, I have no problems manipulating my hair into a nice sleek style.

2016-02-17 14.54.15


2016-02-17 13.28.31-5

Note, you can also do this style on hair that isn’t stretched and that’s all curly. I love a cute, sleek curly puff.  But, I’m not a happy camper when wash day comes around and I have to detangle all my curls. If you don’t mind the extra time it takes to do your hair, then by all means, choose what ever you high puff style you wish.

Flat-Twist Cornrows

I got this style from Naptural85, see the video below. I wanted something new so I tried this style and loved it. I’m not the best at flat-twisting, but I think I’ll get better  if I continue to practice. This style was perfect because it kept my hair stretched (notice a pattern?) and I could wear it out and about. I love a great style that translates in and out the gym!


2016-03-20 20.15.36

Bonus Style…

And on those days that you’re in a rush and your hair just can’t be tamed post workout…wig out and call it a day! See pics below for example:

2015-10-24 18.56.48 2016-02-24 16.34.34 


Now it’s your turn! How do you rock your hair during workouts? Let us know in the comments below. 



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