April Goals: Out & About

Happy April Friends 🙂

April Goals

It’s that time for some goal-setting!  But first, a quick rewind to my March goals.

Last Month’s Goals
  1. Try 2-3 new fitness classes in my area — Welllll I only got around to trying one new class in my area which was the SoulCycle X Target pop up class.
  2. Complete Tone It Up’s 7 Day Slimdown — Mission accomplished! I talked about my preparation and experiences here and here.
  3. Continue to eat healthily— I did pretty well with this, but I kind of fell off the wagon Easter weekend since I had family in town and didn’t have much time to meal prep for the following week.
  4. Keep up with my Nike Running Coach program — Fail. I burned out and was tired of running, so much so that I opted for the stair master which is drastic for me since I can’t stand the stair master. I did manage to clock 26.5 miles total so I guess I didn’t ditch it all together. This past week I didn’t work out daily but found myself resting. I am a strong believer in listening to your body and my body was telling me to rest and reset. Now I feel ready for April!
April Goals
  1. Explore outside more. 

Although it’s been looking rather gloomy over here in the district, it has been warming up. You know what that means right? Time to get out and about and get moving–hibernation season seems to be over. The majority of my workouts take place at my gym, but I’m ready to embrace the outdoors a bit more this month (if it isn’t super rainy).  I want to explore my area more for fun and for fitness purposes. Luckily, fun and fitness can merge easily when you get out and aren’t always inside sitting down. I live in the nation’s capital and there is so much to see and do. Last weekend, I had the best time exploring in DC with my husband, sister and cousin. We saw cherry blossoms (it’s Cherry Blossom Festival season), walked around the Washington Monument area and went to this awesome exhibit at Renwick Gallery.  I was inspired to get out more often and that’s what I’m hoping to do this month and in the coming months.

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2. Complete a 5k.

I’m signed up for the Color Vibe 5k run. My husband’s colleagues got a group together so we’re all going to participate in the race next weekend.

3. Try as many new fitness classes in my area as possible.

I’m going to go for this goal again this month! I have my sights on Asa! which my cousin told me about and which I just found out is offered at my gym *happy dance*.  I still want to try Orange Theory Fitness, I just need to pick a location and sign up. And I’m down for any other classes that sound cool/fun.

4. Network. Network. Network.

Because goal-setting is necessary in your career too! Most of you guys know that I’m an attorney (licensed in California) and since relocating to DC, I’ve been semi starting from scratch again with building my network. My goal is to reach out to old colleagues/associates and join some great associations as I explore bigger and better career opportunities. Wish me luck!

Do you have any goals for this month? Any tips for accomplishing mine?  Let us know in the comments.


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