Last Weeks Workouts Vol. 4

I can’t believe I haven’t done one of these posts since March of last year!  I had a good variety of workouts last week so I’m here to share them with you!  One of my new goals as summer approaches is to try and do something active most days of the week.  I’ve been in the habit of going to Orangetheory 3-4 times a week for many months, but on the days I wasn’t attending class I was pretty much a couch potato (except for walks with my dog).  I know that consistency is key and something is better than nothing so a 15-30 minute workout video at home will be my goal on days that I’m not attending an Orangetheory class. So, here’s what my workouts looked like last week:

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Kettle toning (Tone It Up workout)

Tuesday: Total Body Tone Up and Burn It Up (Tone it Up workouts)

Wednesday: Pilates at Vie Fitness & Spa.  My mother-in-law, in addition to being an M.D. and business woman has decided to take on being a Pilates instructor!  That’s great news for me since it means I get top of the line Pilates training and equipment while helping my mother-in-law reach her teaching hours.  I’ve only ever done mat Pilates (which we did a bit of) so it was nice to get on the reformer and try something new.  I plan to try and go to Pilates at least once a week as a nice cross-training option to orangetheory.

fancy torture devices.

Thursday: OFF

Friday: Orangetheory.  This was a good day at Orangetheory, I got a PR for splat points (time spent at 84% of my max heart rate or above) : 32!! Power days will definitely keep that heart rate up.



Saturday: Orangetheory (90 minute).  This was my second 90 minute class I’ve taken and it wasn’t my best. But I went and I burned over 800 calories so I’m gonna call it a win.

What did your workouts look like last week?  Have you ever tried reformer Pilates before?  Let me know in the comments!


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Kyra is a wife and dog mom to an adorable French Bulldog. Attorney by day and health/fitness blogger by night. Lives, works, plays, and eats in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


    1. Nice! The Bikini Series is coming up already. And I’ve always wanted to try one of those Pilates machines! They look so serious lol.

      1. Yesss bikini series coming April 25th! I’m assuming they’re going to release a new DVD too. I’m excited!

      1. My honest opinion after only doing 2 classes: its not that challenging. But that could be because everything we’re doing so far is super intro since the reformer can be kind of tricky to navigate/not fall off of. I think it does work super small muscles that we probably don’t work enough when doing traditional strength training and cardio so that’s a good thing AND I’m trying to use it to work on my posture which is atrocious. I plan to do a follow-up post once I’ve had more sessions!

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