My Biggest & Best Bun Yet

I’ve dabbled in my fair share of buns, see the top knot and crotchet braid posts. But last month, I achieved my biggest and best bun yet and I was pretty surprised. Why? Because my hair had been put through the ringer with my workouts from the week leading up to this style. Let’s flash back for a moment.

My Hair The Weekend Prior

My hair was gunky and in desperate need of a wash. Due to all my product build up, I decided to do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse.

natural hair bun

I then deep conditioned with TGIN Honey Miracle Mask (yes, this is still my absolute favorite). I deep conditioned for a loooong time, it was definitely over 2 hours and this was because I was doing spring cleaning at my house and also due to laziness. Anyways, after rinsing out the deep conditioner, I blow dried my hair (I used a blow dryer and paddle brush because I keep forgetting to buy a comb attachment).

2016-03-19 18.59.21     2016-03-19 19.19.33 2016-03-19 19.19.35

My Blown Out Hair During Workouts

I rocked the flat twist cornrow style I blogged about in my 4 Great Natural Hair Styles For The Gym post. I did a lot of weight training and did workouts involving the stair master and treadmill so I sweated A LOT.

2016-03-24 09.22.29 2016-03-24 18.26.42

Luckily, I didn’t blow dry my hair in vain and it stayed stretched all week!

Aaaand we’re back to the present:

Achieving My Biggest Bun Yet

Natural Hair Bun

Products Used:

Wide tooth comb

Dark panty-hose

Soft bristle brush

Eco-Styler Gel

Bobby Pins

I fluffed out my hair with my fingers and a wide tooth comb for certain spots. I tipped my head  forward to gather my hair high up top, slicked down the edges and back with a little gel and with the help of my soft bristle brush. I took the panty-hose and tied it so it created a huge puff. This technique is similar to the video in this blog post. I covered up visible parts of the panty-hose with my own hair and I looped my hair vertically to create a higher bun look and pinned section by section. And wallah, I was done!

I love when I have low expectations for a style and it comes out bomb (and I can’t stand it when the opposite happens). I snapped lots of pics because great hair days must be documented.

Have you had a great hair day lately? New styles you’ve tested? Share in the comments!

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