May Goals

My Goals For MAY

Happy May ( a little late but hey we’re only three days in)! Here’s to hoping for more consistent weather this month because so far, spring has been a fickle fair-weather friend and I don’t like it. In other news, I’ve been thinking about my goals for May and I’ve narrowed down what I want to focus on. But first, let’s rewind and check out my April goals:

Last Month’s Goals

-1- Explore outside more, ehhh sort of ~ As I mentioned, this weather won’t let me be great.  I THINK I’ll be able to get our more this month though.

-2- Complete a 5k, check ~ I did the Color Vibe 5k despite the rainy weather (notice a trend?)  and made the best of it.

2016-04-09 08.40.21

– 3- Try new fitness classes, check ~ I did the ASA dance class and it really kicked my butt. Because I’m familiar with West African dance, I thought that I’d be able to breeze through this class. NOPE. I thought that it would be Zumba-esque. NOPE.  This class was a true workout and I burned more calories than I’ve burned in spinning lately!

-4- Network, check~ I went to two events in April and made new connections and leads. I’ve also made leads through friends and friends of friends—all about the hustle life these days.

My Goals For May
  • Practice mindful eating – I recently bought the book Intuitive Eating and I realized that I’m definitely not a mindful eater since I tend to pair my eating with various activities (watching television, reading, browsing on my phone, or moving around etc.). This month, I want to focus on my food and savor what I’m eating instead of just munching mindlessly and endlessly sometimes.
  • Try to embrace AM workouts again– Oh AM workouts (remember this post?) , you’re now a necessity and you’re brutal. I really don’t like waking up at 5AMis but it seems like it’s just a sacrifice I have to make to maintain my fitness. Sigh. “Luckily” my husband wakes up at that time on the daily so at least we can have a groggy chat and set out around the same time.
  •  Keep up with Tone It Up’s Bikini Series – We’re in week two of Tone It Up’s annual Bikini Series. Now, I don’t plan on making every booty call workout (I’ve already missed a few) or eating perfectly the whole time (simply not realistic) but, I’m giving it my best shot. This is the longest I’ve lasted and it’s tough ( a lot of meal prep and planning etc). This awesome article by Heeseung Kim summarizes allll my thoughts and feelings. SO REAL. Here’s to hoping we make it through the remainder of the series.

There you have it! These goals aren’t too lofty and that’s on purpose because it prevents me from getting overwhelmed. And of course, I’ll keep you all posted as to my progress.


Have you set any goals as of late? Share in the comments!

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