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Happy June Friends 🙂

My Goals For June | Chasing "Skinny"


It’s been a while, I hope you all are well! Summer is right around the corner and I’m really excited about it. I’ve spent two summers in D.C. (2008 and 2011) and I had a blast both times so I’m excited to see what’s in store this time around. Since it’s a new month, you know I have to list out some goals! As is customary, I’ll refresh your memory of my May goals and I’ll tell you my results.

Last Month’s Goals

Practice mindful eating – FAIL. I had a really hard time breaking the habit of not pairing my eating with activities. I tried to slow down while eating and I did okay with that at first, but as the month went on, I became forgetful.

Try to embrace AM workouts again– SORT OF. AM workouts are HARD, especially if you’re not a morning person. I semi turn into a morning person if, (and this is a strong if) I go to bed at a decent hour. Failing to go to bed on time really messed me up with my workouts.

Keep up with Tone It Up’s Bikini Series – SUPER FAIL.  I got to week two and I just couldn’t hang anymore sadly. And my grocery bills for meal prep made my bank account mad. I embraced the concept of booty call workouts and eating several times a day so that has to count for something right? Maybe I’ll get through a whole series one day but that time was/is not now. Best of luck to those completing the rest of the program!

Note: I had a really hard time focusing in May. It may be because I started a new position so it took a bit of time to get into a new routine. And I had family visit toward the end of the month which side tracked me as well, but I don’t regret a thing. I had such a great time with all of them. I can’t stand being thrown off, but I’m really, really trying to be flexible which leads me to:

My Goals For June

Work On Dropping My All Or Nothing Mentality: This. Is. Delaying. My. Progress. And I know this! My cousin pushed me into an aha moment when she straight out said that I hold all of the knowledge to reach my fitness goals. There is really not much more to add to what I’ve learned all these years. I have to apply my knowledge of basic fitness rules to my current situation. This is made me flash back to law school…currently:

The issue is whether or not Udeme can finally reach her fitness goals of shedding pounds and body fat.

The rule is that one must maintain a consistent calorie deficit to shed pounds and one should track macronutrients  to target and shed fat. 

Here, Udeme has not been in a consistent calorie deficit because she’s been overeating like a mad woman and she hasn’t kept an eye on her macronutrient intake.

Therefore, Udeme will not reach her fitness goals. 🙁

It’s a new month though! So I’m going to turn my situation around and apply alllll of my fitness knowledge to get things done. One meal and one workout at a time. I must fight the urge to revert to old habits due to one slip up. Because it’s a never-ending cycle that I’m so tired of. Here’s to finding balance and making sacrifices for the sake of my health when need be.

AM Workouts

Yup, I’m trying this again and my husband will be joining me. It’s simply too impractical for me to workout after work so I just have to get in bed early and fight the urge to hit the snooze button. And, if I miss some workouts, I have to remember my first goal and keep going so that I don’t just give up.

Daily Devotions

I was doing so great with my YouVersion devotion but I fell off the wagon. My goal is to read the designated excerpts while on my commute and then have a full devotional when I get back home in the evening.

Drop Body Fat By Embracing My Endomorph BodyType

I’ve become semi obsessed with Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle and I wish I had read it earlier in my fitness journey. I HIGHLY recommend it. Anyways, I’m an endomorph guys. In a nutshell, endomorphs naturally have higher levels of body fat, have soft, round bodies and have poor carb tolerance.

 “When it comes to fat loss, a well-planned, strategic approach is more important for the endomorph than any other body type. Their bodies are unforgiving, so they require stricter compliance to their meal plans and more careful tracking of daily calorie and macronutrient goals.” – Tom Venuto, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

First-off, being carb intolerant is pretty much the saddest thing ever, especially for me.

June Goals

Give me all the rice! Give me all the bread! Give me all the potatoes! Truth is, I’ve always known that my body responds best to a high protein intake, so I have to get back to basics. Luckily, the more I read this book, the more I realize that my body type isn’t a curse. I just have to apply my knowledge for the best results. I don’t have to banish carbs, I just have to make sure my protein levels are super high–I’m currently shooting for 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fats.

In conclusion, I’m going to keep swimming and give June my all. I refuse to give up and I have to keep reminding myself that I’m on a journey. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.



More about Udeme

Hi! I'm Udeme and I'm an attorney by day and a blogger by night. I dropped 70 pounds 12 years ago and health/fitness became a passion of mine. I live in the DC metro area with my "husby" although I'll forever be a California girl at heart. I love a good read, BravoTV, natural hair, anything fitness related (of course) and spending time with my family and friends. ?


    1. I took that quiz (or read the descriptions? I don’t remember) about body types and still couldn’t figure out what mine was 🙁

      *raises hand to also be a bikini series failure*

      My main June goal is to drink more water. So simple but something I’ve been slacking at. All this work week I’ve been doing fruit infused water which has definitely helped. Good luck on your June goals! Don’t be hard on yourself– you’re on of the most dedicated and consistent people I know!

      1. The book gives good detail on the body type descriptions. You could be a hybrid, I don’t feel like you’re an endomorph though. More water is always a good thing. I love lemon water and adding raspberries. And thanks Piks! I’m giving myself grace and I’m in better shape now than in January. But I could’ve been at my goal–tis life. I can’t wait to be in maintenance phase, one day ??.

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