Last Week’s Eats & Workouts

Happy Sunday and happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! We hope you enjoyed the week and weekend. I’m back with my latest recap of eats and workouts:

Monday Workout(s)

2 mile run in the morning and walks taken during the work day

Monday Eats

Breakfast:  I was back at it again with Fitnessista’s delicious bake  that I talked about last week + a slice of Ezekiel bread

Snack: Half a grapefruit

Lunch: Seasoned ground turkey (about 4 ounces), brown rice (about 1 cup), chopped romaine lettuce and 2 tablespoons of light sour cream. (this was pretty much a light burrito bowl)

Snacks: A small arugula salad with Just Grilled Chicken Strips from Trader Joes, one string cheese, chicken breast (right when I got home and  before figuring out dinner

Dinner: Tuna salad & rice cakes

Dessert: ½ cup of Strawberry Halo Top, yum. This has become one of my favorite flavors.

Eats and Workouts 6/19 Chasing "Skinny"
I try to get my protein as close to 50% as possible. And keep carbs at 30% and fats at 20% #endomorphlife

Tuesday Workout

I did an evening workout since I missed my AM workout and it was all about legs! Leg press 3X 8-12 reps; Goblet squats 3 X 8-12; Walking Lunges, 15 each leg; 24 minute HIIT: Run 2 min at 6.0 and up and walk 1 min at around 3.5

Tuesday Eats

Breakfast: SAME

Snack: RXBAR, Chocolate Sea Salt Flavor (this is my favorite flavor thus far)

Lunch: SAME

Pre and post  workout Snacks: grilled chicken and string cheese

Dinner: Protein shake and breakfast for dinner (serving of the yummy egg bake)

Wednesday Workout


Wednesday Eats

Breakfast = SAME

Snack: Same as Tuesday

Lunch: Fettucine Alfredo Chicken bake sans pasta (I’ll post the recipe soon)

Dinner: 1 carb waffle sandwich! Curious? Here is a quick recipe I used: 1 scoop of protein powder, splash(es) of unsweetened almond milk for desired consistency, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 egg. As for the sandwich, I just stuffed it with cooked turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.

Eats and Workouts 6/19 Chasing "Skinny" 2016-06-15 19.40.39

Dessert: 1 cup of Strawberry Halo Top Ice Cream


Thursday Workout

This great jumprope workout from Eating Bird Food:

Week of Eats & Workouts Chasing "Skinny" 6/19

Thursday Eats

Breakfast: SAME

Lunch: Mexican Corn Elote Bowl + Buckwheat bread from Sweetgreen (I add grilled chicken for more protein)

Snack: RX Bar (Blueberry flavor)

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast and Halo top Ice cream

Friday Workout


Friday Eats

Breakfast: 2 slice of Ezekiel bread, 1 egg and 2/3 cup egg whites seasoned and scrambled and 1 piece of Hot Italian Chicken Sausage

Snack: String cheese

Lunch: Chicken breast, baked organic spicy sweet potato “chips” (I’ll post this recipe soon, it’s super easy), ¾ cup broccoli

Dinner: I had a dinner date w/ my little cousin and had 1 cheeseburger & ½ fries from Shake Shack (YUM)

Dessert: 1 cup halo top ice cream

Saturday Workout

1 hour spin class

Week of Eats & Workouts Chasing "Skinny" 6/19

Saturday Eats

Breakfast: Same as Friday

Lunch: 6 inch BLT sans tomato and sans mayo from Subway and an arugula salad I made at home

Week of Eats & Workouts Chasing "Skinny" 6/19

Dinner: Cheeseburger from BurgerFi at a dinner date with my husband


Sunday Workout

Iffy, possibly an evening walk

Sunday Eats so far

1 Kodiak cake waffle with whipped cream and PB

That’s a wrap! I took progress and I’m down another 2 lbs this week (down 4 lbs since the start in early June) but my body fat is being stubborn which is annoying me. If you notice in the list, some days I neglected snacks and went too long without eating so I’m tweaking that this week. I’m going to make sure to eat on time so I stay fueled, drink more water (I wasn’t drinking as much this week as last) and I’ll be doing more HIIT workouts along with a 5 day workout challenge my friend sent me. Hoping for a happy and productive week ahead for you all!

Questions, what was on the menu for you this week? Any new workouts you tried? Let us know below!



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