WIAW 6.29.16

Happy Wednesday everyone! And happy “it’s almost the holiday weekend!”  I’m back with another What I Ate Wednesday. Let’s get to it:


Just like my last WIAW post I had Tone It Up’s “Wake Me Up” smoothie for breakfast, except this time I had vanilla protein powder instead of chocolate (please leave your protein powder recommendations in the comments! I’m on the hunt for a new one with cleaner ingredients than Muscle Milk but are still palatable).  Looks like Tuesdays are always the days I wake up late 🙂

If you’re looking for a good meal prep breakfast option (especially if you’re Paleo or doing Whole 30) I’ve been making a big batch of Trader Joe’s roasted potatoes with peppers (I think this is a newer item in the frozen section) on the weekends, adding some bacon or sausage and then just topping a serving with scrambled eggs in the morning.  But, I didn’t even leave myself time to make eggs so a smoothie it was!


Lunch was leftovers of the previous nights delicious Blue Apron meal.  I was gifted a free week of Blue Apron from a friend (hi, Afia!) and was so impressed with all three meals that I signed up to receive deliveries regularly!  

This meal was crispy catfish and parsley mashed potatoes.  Everything was so good but the spicy cajun slaw stole the show.


Pre hot yoga I had a golden delicious apple.  I was hungry for more than an apple but I can’t handle much more than that before a yoga class.


FullSizeRender (4)



Hubby had dinner waiting for me when I got home!  He made pasta with Trader Joe’s roasted garlic chicken sausage and Trader Joe’s creamy tomato basil pasta sauce.  We use al dente carba nada pasta (Al Dente is local company here in Michigan but I’m pretty sure they sell nationwide) most of the time that we have pasta at home.  I love the taste and can’t really tell the difference between these and regular pasta noodles.



Thanks for sticking around to see what a full day of eats looks like!  Honestly, this day wasn’t super healthy, was a bit carb heavy and I could’ve used a lot more vegetables BUT I’m keeping it real over here! Let me know in the comments the best thing you’ve eaten this week and what you’re up to for 4th of July!






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