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Recent Favorites & August Goals

I’m currently posted up on my comfy couch while cooking up some eats (protein galore) to get me through the work week. It’s been hectic, like it always is when returning home from traveling. I tagged along with my husband to LA where he presented at the National Medical Association conference (super cool, #proudwife) so we made a short mini vacay out of it. We got back on Monday, but our luggage didn’t make it back with us (thanks Delta). Luckily, we got our stuff back last night and so today was re-up on groceries day.

I stopped by Whole Paycheck Foods but not before playing a terrible game of parking lot wars in order to find a parking spot. It was aggravating and I ended up being THAT person who stole someone’s spot. That’s never been me, but I circled that parking lot six times and to be fair, I didn’t see the lady signalling but I did see her shout expletives at me. I was over it and I swooped in and took a stand *sigh*. She was furious and when I got back to my car after shopping, I eyeballed it to see if she keyed it.

All this hustle and bustle/drama had me longing to go back on vacation! But, I can’t take for granted all the things I’ve got to do and discover these past weeks. Here are some of my favorite things/places/events as of late:

Recent Favorites

Favorite Local Spot(s): Now that my husband is in his second year of residency (THANK GOD) he’s been semi living the life with me. We get to explore more together since his weekends are usually free. It’s been awesome. Our favorites spots as of late—it’s a toss up between Annapolis and this newer development area with good restaurants called Park Potomac. St. Michael’s MD gets an honorable mention for the yummy local seafood and really good ice cream but questionable historical facts in the local museum *side eye*. We took a day cruise to St. Michael’s and though it was super hot, it was nice to be out on the water and made it feel like we were on a real vacation.

Favorite Recipe: I absolutely loved this Coconut Basil Curry Chicken recipe by The Food Charlatan. I loved the rich flavors and the fact that I could set it and forget it in the slow cooker which is always a plus. I’m so glad I came across it on Pinterest!

August Favorites
My pic doesn’t do it justice!

Favorite Song: Blessings – Chance The Rapper (the final track on Coloring Book, this album is awesome btw)

Coloring book

Favorite Workout: Lately, I’ve been really “enjoying” the stair-master. I love the fact that it torches a ton of calories and that it keeps my legs and thighs looking toned.

Favorite Travel Spot(s): Philly & CA of course!

August Goals

As for my goals this month, they are pretty self explanatory:

Eat healthy – I’m sticking with lots of veggies, fruit and protein sources.

Invest in a skin care routine – I’ve been trying to get rid of the oil on my t-zone and tried oil cleansing. My skin hated it and hates me now. I had a bad reaction with inflammation. I’ll probably do a separate post. Once it calms down, I’ll start a routine. For now, I’m nursing it back to health and wearing no makeup.

Workout 5 times a week – I’ll be doing a Nike Training Club routine that lasts four weeks along with exercised classes and hopefully joining OrangeTheory with my husband!

Deep condition my hair every week – My hair has been dry and seems like it’s in a rut so many deep condition treatments will be coming my way this month.


What are your goals for August? Any favorite things you’ve come across lately?



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    1. Funny Whole Paycheck Foods, very funny !!!!. That is the price for eating healthy. Are you sure that the so called fresh organic are not also of genetically modified origin? The debate on the health implications of GMO is raging and the details that are emerging are scaring. Only, note that at car parks there is no social correctnes. You see a space and you have to park. Period.

      1. Funny and true haha. I’m not always sure, but I usually buy all of my meat there because it always seems more fresh. And yes, I won the battle that day–all’s well that ends well.

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