My Experience at Pure Barre

On Monday, I had the opportunity to take a Pure Barre class! I’d heard of barre several times but never really thought to take a class since I heard it’s rather pricey. Enter my lovely co-worker who’s been using ClassPass and checked out Pure Barre last week and found out she could bring me to drop-in on a class with her for 10 bucks. Sold!

Side note, if you’ve never heard of barre before, it is a low-impact workout sprinkled with various strength sequences followed by a stretching sequence in order to develop long, lean muscles. I found that the class was like people mentioned– a hybrid between ballet, Pilates and yoga moves but with its own uniqueness.

First Impression/Thoughts

We walked over to the studio after work and I was greeted warmly by the staff before I filled out the necessary paperwork. I also got to meet the instructor (Jessica) and she was super friendly.

pure barre
Prior to class, I took my sneakers off and grabbed the necessary equipment: a small rubber handball (reminiscent of elementary school days), light dumbbells (looks can be deceiving, more on that later) and resistance bands. We also used a mat during class which was in the inner room where the class took place. Jessica gave me the run down of barre basics and though it was a lot to digest all at once, she  assured me that I would be able to follow along and get the hang of it.

Pure barre
What to Expect/Class Sequence

Warm Up: This is when my hear rate monitor seemed to get the most action. I don’t remember all the moves we did but each move got our heart rates up and our muscles warmed up.

Arms: In came those light, deceiving dumbbells! We did moves to sculpt and strengthen our arms  and I really felt the burn. It’s amazing what good form, control and repeated movements can do.

The Barre: I got to step up to the barre and feel like a pseudo ballerina which was cool. We were working our thighs, hips and seat (booty) with the small handball. These motions were tough because it was hard to get a handle on the form, especially the tuck motion which always seemed out of my reach. Luckily, Jessica was around to correct my form many times and I was thankful because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the full benefit of the movement. Also, these moves had my muscles shaking a ton!

Abs: We sat up against the wall with our mats propped behind our backs and did some serious ab work to define and strengthen our core. We also did side planks and other similar motions.

Cool down: We did stretching and then laid down on our mats and the lights were turned off. As the up tempo music played we did hip lifts with the handball between our thighs and then we were done!

My co worker and I felt so gooood after class. I had a burst of energy, I felt relaxed and refreshed which is rare for me when doing a workout post work. I would definitely take a class again.

Tips/General Info

*If it’s your first time like it was for me, get to class early to fill in paper work and to get familiar with the studio so that you aren’t rushing and flustered.

*You must wear socks and Pure Barre DC required that we wear knee length pants at the minimum (not sure about other studios but the socks are definitely a must everywhere).

*Also, in case you are wondering: it was a 55 minute class, the sweat level seemed to me minimal for everyone but me (maybe I was sweating so much because I was so focused on the movements) and you should bring a bottle of water to re hydrate after.

Have you taken a Pure Barre class or a class that is similar? What were your thoughts/experience? Share in the comments!



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      1. Thanks Vonnie. I feel you! I’ve been trying to switch up my routine and it’s helped cure my boredom lol. I’m also thinking of doing a ClassPass trial because there are several studios I can go to by my job.

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