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ClassPass (Trial) Chronicles I: Blast, Barre & Hot Yoga

I’m officially out of my fitness funk because I’m really liking ClassPass so far friends! I’ve decided to recap each week of my workouts so that you get an idea of the variety of classes you can take and how I work it into my general fitness schedule. As a reminder, my trial is the core membership which gives you 10 classes a month (but you can only visit the same studio 3 times during your 10 class cycle). The true test will be if I let my trial turn into a fully fledged membership. So far it looks like ClassPass will be my latest fitness related expense eeek (more on that later). Here is the rundown of last week’s workouts, paying special attention to the three ClassPass classes that I attended on Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Monday: BLAST Full Body | Snippet about BLAST from CP:

Each 60 minute class consists of treadmill & floor intervals. Walker, Jogger and Runner guidelines allow individuals of differing fitness levels to push themselves where they are most comfortable. Best-in-class instructors are certified and trained to personalize your workout and correct your form. An instructor assistant will replenish water bottles, provide and swap out towels, and provide you with heavier or lighter equipment so that can focus on giving your body the best workout possible!

ClassPass Trial

My experience at BLAST— I couldn’t help but compare BLAST to OrangeTheory Fitness because of the similar format (treadmill & floor intervals, walker, jogger and runner levels). The staff and instructor were really friendly and I really liked the set up of the building. The studio felt a bit cramped but maybe it’s because the class was full. It seems that they would have been better off having a smaller lobby/reception area and a bigger studio, but based on what I’ve seen online, some portions of the workouts don’t just take place in the studio itself so maybe that’s why there is more open space throughout the building. The workout was definitely intense. I loved the implementation of HIIT and strength/core work. I definitely felt the workout the following day.

Would I return?: Yes.

Tuesday: I woke up early and hit the treadmill for a 40 minute steady state jog/walk.

Wednesday: Pure Barre | Check out my post about pure barre here. | This was my second time here and the class is still tough but still enjoyable. I love how it works out muscle groups that I feel like I neglect and that it’s different from my average workouts.

ClassPass Trial

Would I return?: Yes, already have.

Thursday: I woke up early and did a fast 15 minute treadmill HIIT with Lolo Beatburn.

Friday: Hot Yoga at Epic Yoga DC | A snippet about Epic Yoga from CP:

Classes are all-level, unless specifically noted. The Hot Yoga class has the average temperature 90 degrees. Barre yoga, beginner and advanced practices, happy hour upbeat yoga, sunrise yoga, power lunch and slow flow! Whatever your needs, there is a yoga class for you!

My experience at Epic Yoga: I really enjoyed this class. If you’ve been reading the blog from the start, you may recall that I’ve said that “regular” yoga isn’t my thing but that I’ve been down with Bikram yoga because of the caloric burn and feeling of increased flexibility in the heat. This wasn’t Bikram though, it was hot yoga so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The heat was definitely tolerable but still enough to work up a sweat. It was a Vinyasa flow class and some of the postures were familiar to me so that was a plus and I did feel a bit more flexible with the heat. I also loved the ambiance of the studio. It was calm and the lights were dimmed low and candles were lit around the room. The instructor was super helpful and friendly and it was the perfect way to end my work week.

Would I return: YES.

Saturday: OrangeTheory Fitness workout. This workout was really tough because I feel like I gave my maximum effort. I’m pretty sure it was a “power day” wherein we did a lot of plyometric work on the floor. And of course the rower and treadmill got action as usual.

Sunday: (A much needed) Rest day

That’s all folks! Side note, you may notice that I’m currently a member (being billed for) of three gyms/fitness studios (my run of the mill gym, OrangeTheory and ClassPass). Something has got to give so I’m taking the time to see which workouts I love the most, are the most effective and give me the most bang for my buck. And then I’ll have to eliminate *cue dramatic music*. I’ll keep you posted on that.

And here is my ClassPass line up for this week: Monday (today) Zengo Cycle- Bethesda, Wednesday Bikram Yoga Dupont and Friday MINTRide. I’ll let you know how it goes!


Have you ever tried or are you considering ClassPass? Are there any new fitness classes that you’re enjoying?
Let us know in the comments below!

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