Favorite Finds at Trader Joes | Chasing "Skinny"

My Favorite Healthy Finds from Trader Joe’s

I go to Trader Joe’s frequently because they have quality products that are affordable. Many people believe that eating healthy is so expensive but this isn’t always the case. I save cash by shopping the perimeter of grocery stores (fresh produce, lean meats, etc.) and by going to grocery stores with lower price points. Sorry Whole Foods.

I wanted to give you all a peak into the products from TJ’s that appear often in my grocery basket . And, for an extra treat, I’ve got the low down on the food grade for each product based on the rating from the Fooducate app which I blogged about a long time ago here. Keep in mind, that some Trader Joe’s products vary by location. I remember there was a time that I made recipes with lavash bread, like this arugula and prosciutto pizza post, and Kyra couldn’t find the lavash bread at her local store (booooo). So hopefully, the finds I list here will available to you. Also this list is non-exhaustive as trader joe’s has way too much deliciousness for one post.

Healthy Finds @ Trader Joe's | Chasing "Skinny"

Healthy Trader Joe’s Grocery List

These hash-browns are pretty good. They are great for a quick breakfast when I want an alternative to Ezekiel bread. You don’t have to cook them in the oven which takes 20-25 minutes. I just pop them into the toaster a couple of times and keep an eye on them while I whip up my eggs. I was happy to see that these are rated with a B. The B grade is probably due to the presence of dextrose and citric acid in the ingredient list. 

I normally buy chicken breast in bulk and then I grill them on our George Foreman grill. But there are days when I just don’t have time or when I forget to take the meat out the freezer (the worst). These grilled chicken strips are clutch because I can throw them into salads or just heat them up and eat them plain when I need some extra protein. 

I love arugula because it has that spicy kick and I like to pair it with salmon or tilapia. Or I try to recreate Sweetgreen’s salad with arugula, corn, goat cheese, quinoa, cabbage and other fixings. The only annoying thing about this arugula is that you have to eat it within a few days after opening–it tends to spoil rather quickly. 

This vegetable stir fry mix is a recent find. I’ve bought it twice now and it’s yummy. I usually grill chicken with teriyaki marinade and toss it all together. When I am short on time, I pair it with the TJ’s BBQ chicken which is listed below and it tastes great. 

Shout out to the OG sprouted whole grain bread! Years later and I still love this stuff. This is not exclusively at Trader Joe’s which is convenient. TJ’s also has it’s own brand which is really good as well and which tends to be cheaper. 

To be honest, yogurt still isn’t my favorite thing. But, this brand is definitely palatable for me and this is great because I run out of ideas on getting more protein in. I don’t buy this yogurt that often because it’s on the higher end with the sugar (see below). It still gets a B though so that’s good in my book.  

This is a staple in our household and it lasts for a while since I don’t eat it everyday. I love how high in fiber it is because my fiber intake is usually on the struggle bus. My favorite add ins when making these oats — White Chocolate Wonderful from Peanut Butter & Co. along with some cinnamon #thankmelater. 

RXBARs have changed the game for me. These are delicious and nutritious and they aren’t sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s. You can pick them up at Whole Foods or order from Amazon or on the RXBar website. I love the simple ingredients. My two favorite flavors (Chocolate Sea Salt and Peanut Butter) aren’t carried at my local TJ’s but the blueberry flavor is a good substitute. 

This BBQ Chicken Teriyaki is super great and goes well with brown rice and veggies. The B- rating is mostly likely due to the sauce that is included in the meal. However, you don’t have to use the sauce because it’s in two individual packets. The chicken tastes great on it’s own to be honest. I normally use just one packet of sauce because it’s enough to coat the whole batch and I put the other packet in the freezer to use as marinade in the future.

Tuna stays in my pantry and I usually eat it when I want to switch it up. I usually mix in some plain greek yogurt, chopped red bell peppers, green onions, mustard and other fixings that I have on hand. It’s a great source of protein. 

Guys, if I told you how many jars of peanut butter I have in my home you’d think I’m a bit obsessed. And you would be correct because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peanut butter. The one below is one of my favorites from Trader Joe’s and it’s super healthy. Check out that A grade–it has more than 12% daily fiber. 

Oh Ghee. I remember buying this back when I lived in California and it just sat and sat there. I guess I wasn’t sure about how to cook with it, but I’m so glad I got over that. This stuff is amazing because it can cook at high temperatures without burning, one serving goes a long way and it saves on calories in comparison to cooking oils. 

I picked up these plantain chips today since it’s been a while since I’ve had them. They are yummy and easy to eat mindlessly, so I try to portion them out when I’m monitoring calories. B- grade? I’ll take it. 

Miscellaneous Trader Joe’s Find

I love to use this soap on my hair when it’s time to shampoo. I’ve been trying out different shampoos these past months and Dr. Bronner’s is the winner for my mane. It has an amazing lather and it doesn’t strip my hair dry. 

Healthy Finds @ Trader Joe's | Chasing "Skinny"


There you have it! The best thing is that I didn’t break the bank and the items that I got today will last throughout the week and then some.  I hope this roundup of healthy Trader Joe’s finds has been helpful for you.

Do you like Trader Joe’s? What are your favorite finds? Share in the comments below!

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    1. I’ve had the rolled oats and Bbq Teriyaki chicken and it really is delicious. The oats are ok. Personally sick of oats hence the chia seed pudding pic flood on my IG

      1. Haha I don’t feel like I eat enough oats. When I do, it’s usually for breakfast. But my fave breakfast always includes eggs so that’s usually my go-to. I havent had chia pudding in a long time. I’ve got to check your feed.

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