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Review: Is ClassPass Worth It?

Hi Friends! How’s your week going so far? As for me, so far so good: I got a good run in this morning and I have my gym bag packed for my next ClassPass adventure later this week. Speaking of ClassPass, this is my third month using the service and I’ve used all ten of my classes each cycle. Based on the number and variety of classes I’ve gone to, it’s about time for a review!Is ClassPass Worth It? | Chasing "Skinny"

How ClassPass Works/What to Expect

For starters, ClassPass is a monthly membership that allows you to go to a variety of boutique fitness studios and gyms in your area. However, ClassPass is not available in all cities just yet. Here is a current list of the cities that have the service:








Dallas/Fort Worth



Kansas City

Las Vegas


Los Angeles/Orange County


Minneapolis/St. Paul


New York







St. Louis

San Diego

San Francisco





Washington D.C.



There are two plans you can choose from: the Base Plan which allows you to take 5 classes a month and the Core Plan which allows you to take 10 classes a month. There is a limit to the number of times you can visit a particular studio per billing cycle. For the Base plan, you can visit the same studio twice and for the Core plan, you can visit the same studio three times. And don’t think you can be slick and visit a different branch of a particular studio in a different location because it all counts. For example, if I go to Pure Barre in Dupont Circle three times, I can’t go to Pure Barre in Bethesda because I’ve already hit my three class limit.

The pricing for these plans varies city by city so go can get your specific rates here. For the Washington D.C. area, the Base plan will run you $55/month while the Core plan will run you $105/month.

It’s worth noting that ClassPass used to offer three plans to choose from, not two—Base, Core and the beloved Unlimited plan. The Unlimited plan was a steal for folks because it was a free-for-all and you could go to as many classes as you wanted for a good rate. Case in point, in the DC area, the Unlimited plan was $155/month which was cheaper than several gyms/studios (more on this below). There was still a cap on the number of times you could visit a particular studio though. But, as of November 2, 2016, CP decided to pull the plug on the Unlimited plan and folks were not happy about it at all.


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What Does ClassPass Cost In Comparison to Studios/Gyms?

I decided to do some comparisons to see if ClassPass gives users a better deal than they would receive if they bypassed ClassPass and opted to become a member of the studios/gyms instead. I used the rates at the studios that I’ve gone to because I’m more familiar with their pricing and because these studios are very popular in my area.

*Pure Barre: one month unlimited will run you $250, a 10 class pack will run you $230 and one class costs $29.

*Zengo Cycle: 30 classes will cost $510, 5 classes costs $105 and 1 class costs $22.

*BLAST DC (comparable to OrangeTheory Fitness): unlimited is $199/month, first timer unlimited month is $179, and one class is $34

*MINT (fancy gym): $98/month to use their cardio and strength equipment and $148/month to use the aforementioned + have access to all their class offerings

*Gold’s Gym: Pricing varies, you put a certain amount down and pay $17.99/bi-weekly

*Rock Creek Sports Club (my local gym): $55/month for access to all amenities and classes

*OrangeTheory Fitness: $69/month for four classes/month (I ended up cancelling this membership because as much as I liked OTF, it wasn’t worth the price)

Based on the prices, ClassPass offers a competitive rate for both of their current plans. The only cheaper options would be paying for your run- of- the-mill local gym and there’s nothing wrong with that.


The Pros & Cons of ClassPass
  • You can switch up your routine constantly without any guesswork and you don’t get bored!
  • The quality of the classes are superb and for good reason. These gyms/studios are highly specialized in a particular field/workout so you learn great technique for effective workouts and you’re exposed to experienced instructors.
  • You can sign up for a class last minute so if you miss an AM workout or something, ClassPass to the rescue!
  • You’re less likely to miss a workout due to the cancellation fee (see below).
  • The class sizes are pretty small so many classes feel like a personal training session which is a huge plus.
  • They have a great app that makes it super easy to sign up for classes in your area and you can filter studios by type (yoga, barre, strength training etc.) and time frame (before work, after work, lunch time etc.)
  • You’re limited to the number of times you can visit a studio which is a bummer. However, you can now add on more classes but I haven’t used this feature yet.
  • It’s more expensive than your local gym which may offer plenty of their own classes.
  • Due to the cap on the number of classes you attend, you may not want to cancel your regular gym membership to ensure that you can still get consistent workouts in when your classes are up–so you end up paying for two memberships (this is me currently).
  • There’s a cancellation fee  if you cancel your class within 12 hours of class time (I think the fee is around $15).
  • Certain studios end up being booked to capacity fast which gets annoying. I have noticed that people tend to cancel the day of, so if you check back, you can usually get a slot (I’m still trying to get into CorePower Yoga which is super popular here).
My Experience/Takeaways

Personally, I absolutely love ClassPass! It’s been awesome trying so many different classes that I’ve heard about through the years (barre, trx bootcamp, crossfit etc.). And it’s helped me maintain my weight and break through certain plateaus (reducing body fat). Granted, the DC area does have a great round up of classes so I’m not sure if this level of variety exists in other cities. I’m excited to try classes in the SF Bay Area when I visit my family during Christmastime.

So, what’s the final verdict–is ClassPass worth it? I say yes but it depends on you and your preferences. If you have extra money in your budget and you like group fitness classes and variety, then ClassPass is totally worth it, hands down. I’ve been working out for years now and despite all the routines I can look up on Pinterest or make up on my own, it does get repetitive and it can be cumbersome to have to figure out what to do each day. Also, I don’t always push myself to the limit so having an instructor there to keep you in check can really boost your fitness level over time.

If you’re more strapped for cash and you don’t really care for fitness classes, go for your local gym and save some money.

Still curious about ClassPass? They typically offer a trial at a reduced rate (that’s how I got hooked though). Or you can use this link and receive $30 off your first month. As a disclaimer and for full disclosure, this is a referral link and if you sign up for ClassPass through this link, I will receive a $30 credit.

That’s all folks! Until next time :-).



Have you ever tried ClassPass? Are you a member of any boutique studios? Let us know in the comments!


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    1. Great review! I used ClassPass when they first came to DC (and offered me a free trial membership) but ended up canceling soon thereafter. I went to their base plan earlier this summer and also ended up canceling. I’m a creature of habit and really like my studios (ie. Zengo!) so the 2-3 class limit stunk. I have a Gold’s membership and really like having cardio equipment and Body Pump classes. w/CP it felt like I was constantly planning workouts since their slots do fill up so quickly. It definitely depends on your preferences.

      1. Thank you for reading! And I totally feel you. The 3 class limit is the most annoying part for me. I either knock out all three in one week or I try and spread it out over the month by going once a week. I work downtown so I can book a class without issues since there are so many options—but I can’t always get in my fave classes ?. Also I can’t let go of my local gym membership. I need the cardio equipment and weights too and luckily the classes they offer are pretty good (body pump, spinning etc.).

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