Our Top 10 Posts & Pages of 2016!

I’ve talked a lot about time flying throughout the year and it’s never been more evident–2017 is a heartbeat away! 2016 has been an interesting and sobering year. No one I know escaped the highs and lows, but that’s life. As for me, 2016 was trying but it’s ending on a high note. I’m still in California, hanging out with my husby and family. And although I’m pretty drained from ’16, I find myself hopeful for what is to come in ’17.

As for Chasing “Skinny”, we’re still here and more present that ever. We’ve shared a record number of posts and we’ve met a lot of cool folks (virtually and in person) along the way. It’s been great sharing our fitness adventures and struggles here on the blog, our Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Be sure to keep up with us there. In the meantime, here is the rundown of the top 10 posts you all were loving this year.

All About Orangetheory

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"


Kyra’s post on OrangeTheory Fitness (OTF) was on the radar for so many folks this year. She was the first person to ever tell me about OTF and ever since then, it seems like it’s grown insanely popular and for good reason. I’ve had some of my best workouts at OTF and I’m hoping to become a member again one day if a closer location pops up in my area. Check out her post for all the details on OTF if you haven’t read it yet!

My 7 Day Slimdown Grocery List & Meal Prep

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

My details about the 7 Day Slimdown seemed to resonate with the ladies of the #TIUteam. Tone It Up has been a good resource for figuring out new recipes and workouts so it’s no surprise that this became a top post. I decided to do the slimdown earlier this year and I got great results.

A Year With Stitch Fix

This is where Kyra gave the skinny on her year long relationship with Stitch Fix! This post was a hit and we found out that there are a lot of Stitch Fix members on here and on Pinterest.

She gave the details about the service and how it works for her. Check out the post for more details.

Whole30 Confessions: My Experience & Results

I spilled the proverbial beans (that I would have been forbidden from eating anyway) on Whole30.

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

I actually completed Whole30 at the end of 2015, but I got around to talking about my experience in January. I’m still proud that I was able to complete a whole round because I honestly thought it would be impossible for me. For more on my experience, check out the link to the blog post!

Healthified”Jamba Juice Peanut Butter Moo’d Smoothie

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

This is a post from our first year of blogging and it consistently brings in traffic year after year. I realize that I used to do more “healthified” versions of foods and drinks I love and I want to try and share more of these types of recipes. This smoothie is a great high protein treat that can satisfy any sweet tooth. For the recipe, check out the link.

Stitch Fix Review: April 2016

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

Kyra’s April Review of her Stitch Fix haul was a hit. We got to see the latest finds that were curated by her stylist. And we got to see which of the finds she ended up keeping. Check out the post for more details.

7DSD Confessions: My Experience & Results

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

And the 7 Day Slimdown makes another appearance on the top posts list! This is where I gave more detail as to what I ate each day and what workouts I completed. I also got to share my physical results including some pounds lost and inches lost.

Stitch Fix Review: May 2016

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

You guys really love Stitch Fix! It’s so cool because even though our primary niche is fitness, we still get to share our other passions and interests. This is just another reason why we love blogging. Nothing beats getting to learn and share with other people. For Kyra’s May review, she showed us her most recent haul. I loved the dress she kept from her fix. Check out the link for more details and pictures!

My Favorite Healthy Finds from Trader Joe’s 

Our Top Posts & Pages of 2016 | Chasing "Skinny"

This was one of my favorite posts of 2016 because I love Trader Joe’s! I had a great time drafting this one and you all seemed to enjoy it. I shared some of my healthy finds and rated their nutrition based on the Fooducate app. A part II post is in the works because I obviously wasn’t able to cover all the healthy foods I love from TJ’s.

About Us

Chasing "Skinny"

Our About page got some love this year as it usually does. I mean, you should know who’s writing all this stuff right?! I love to revisit this page when I need to refocus and remind myself why we started Chasing “Skinny” in the first place. It’s not easy being a blogger but it’s fun and rewarding. Here’s to many more posts!

And we want to thank each and everyone of you! Thank you for reading our posts, sharing your thoughts, subscribing to our email list (if you haven’t subscribed the link is on the right side bar) and following us on our social media pages! We wish you all a happy and safe new year and we’re excited to share more in ’17. 🙂


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