January Goals ’17

Happy New Year! It’s officially January and I’m excited tor start fresh in 2017.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”

I don’t have any resolutions, not even a fitness resolution *gasp*. This is liberating for me because my fitness resolutions were always tethered to a number instead of my overall health and wellness. It feels like I’m finally past a number and I focus more on how I’m feeling. Last year, I started to take photos to track my progress and it’s been super helpful and encouraging.

January Goals '17 - Chasing "Skinny"
Early Jan of ’16 – December ’16 & a throwback pic to when I was 60lbs.+ heavier

I also use my clothes as progress markers along with my progression during my workouts.

January Goals '17 - Chasing "Skinny"
Loose fitting work slacks FTW

However, I am by no means anti-resolutions! I’ve talked about how helpful they can be here and here and here. Even though I don’t have a main resolution, I kind of have a motto which is: “<3 from the inside out.”  I want to take care of my body and soul by being conscious of what goes into it. I want to eat well. I want to banish negative talk as much as possible. I want to surround myself with positive people that uplift me (luckily, this is pretty easy in my mini circle). I want to pray more. Etc. etc. etc. So, I’ll do goal setting month by month that is aligned with this. Without further ado, here are my January goals!

January Goals '17 - Chasing "Skinny"

  1. Keep up with a doable fitness routine

I’m almost at the end of my awesome two-week hometown vacation in the good old Silicon Valley and I’m heading back to DC soon. It’s always hard to get back into my routine after traveling, but I’m going to put my best foot forward to prep healthy meals and get exercise in. Luckily, I’ve been able to get in a good amount of exercise in here on my own and with the help of Classpass.

I start a new position (woo-hoo) later this month and I’m a bit nervous of how my transition will be. I got into a great rhythm toward the end of ’16 that enabled me to stay active and eat well. I’m going to give myself some grace after I first start, then I want to write down a fitness routine that I can do consistently. I’ve done some research already though, and thankfully, there appears to be a lot of awesome Classpass classes by my new position. And I heard the agency that I’ll be working for has a gym which is a HUGE plus! I’ve never had the luxury of having a gym at my place of work so I’m hype.

2. Start my new position on a strong foot

I’m starting a new position this month and I’m super excited! It’s been a rocky road career wise over the past year(s). From having to work for free to being underemployed, I feel like I’ve seen it all. For the first time since relocating back to DC, I feel that I’m at a stable place that will enable me to learn and grow as an attorney+ have work life balance.

My main goal is to focus on learning all I can, and be confident of my skills and background. I recently copped You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life* after seeing it on Kyra’s Goodread’s list. I’m hoping this will help eliminate self-doubt and give me an extra confidence boost!

3. Do a yoga class once a week

I’m still pretty traumatized by the neck sprain that I experienced at the end of the ’16. I’m still not sure what caused it exactly, but I have a hunch that it was a combination of going to heavy on weights and my sleep positions. Regardless, it was a rude reminder that I need to be conscious of my movements, posture and that I must stretch my body REGULARLY. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to do this, but I’m determined to give it a shot. I plan on doing yoga via Classpass to help with this.


Do you have any goals for January? Or any new year resolutions your working on? Share in the comments!


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