My Goals for April ’17

It’s April and that means the first quarter of 2017 is over (already)! With that said, it’s time to lay out some goals and for me to give you all a mini update.

In January, my whole schedule changed because I started my new job (woo hoo) in a new city/state (still local though, DMV life). I was in training for a full six weeks and I woke up around 5AM every single day to get ready for my metro commute. So, I had to say buh-bye to AM workouts 🙁 and reacquaint myself with post work workouts. As I’m still adjusting to my new normal, I’ve made some goals to hold me accountable and help keep me up with my fitness routine.

1. Hit The Gym 4-5x’s/Week: The super great thing about my job is that there is a full gym on campus with classes and all! So I really don’t have an excuse to not get my workouts in. I’ve never had the luxury of having a gym at work and I’m still  hype since the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. I pack a huge Nike gym bag and bring about 1-2 weeks worth of clothes and I stow them away in my office. This helps relieve the burden of having to haul my gym clothes to and fro each day like I used to.

April Goals 2017 | Chasing "Skinny"

2. Meal Prep Each Weekend: I talked about my meal prep process here a little while back and I want to keep my meal prep game strong. I plan on doing simple recipes that I can make in bulk per usual and I plan on doing a “What I Ate Wednesday” post to give you guys a peek of what I’ve been eating these days. I’ve been able to maintain my weight and shed some inches and body fat lately. I’m not sure why, but I’m not complaining. I try to eat clean and for me that means making my own food which allows me to know everything that’s going into my body. BTW, my job has a cool nice cafeteria and all that jazz but I’m still about that BYOL (bring your own lunch) life.

April Goals 2017 | Chasing "Skinny"
BYOL! Oodles of Zoodles.

3. Shed My Protective Style +  Get My Hair Nice & Moisturized

My hair has been in protective styles since January and as the weather slowly warms up, I’m ready to embrace my hair once more and get back into a routine.

April Goals 2017 | Chasing "Skinny"
current protective style. It doesn’t look like this anymore though, it needs to go! LOL

I miss my hair so much! But in preparation for her return, I had to check my hair arsenal and make sure I have everything that I need when I take this hair down. I have my all time favorite deep conditioner (TGIN’s Honey Miracle Mask) and my favorite co-wash (As I Am’s Coconut Co-Wash). I also have Bentonite Clay which I have a long overdue post on that I will publish soon (this stuff helps my curls pop). I plan on taking my style down and washing my hair three days in a row. Yes, three- days because it’s always super dry when it comes out of a protective style and I need it nice and supple so I can manage it once again. I’ll keep you all posted!

4. Weekly TLC Time!

You know I couldn’t end this post with a little ode to self care! I was spring cleaning this weekend and came upon some many old nail polishes that I have yet to use and I’ve decided to have a mini spa day for myself each week (probably when I wash my hair).  I want to do simple things like paint my nails, draw a nice bubble bath, do a face mask (I got GlamGlow’s mud mask recently from Sephora) etc. It’s always nice to unplug and take care of yourself because we all deserve it!

I’m all about working hard, playing hard and resting hard and I intend to do just that this month. There you have it!

What are your goals for the month?  Share in the comments!


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