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A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things

Happy Friday!

This week flew by per usual, but I couldn’t let another Friday come and go without telling you all about what I’ve been loving lately. Here they are:


Say hello to my little friend

A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny"

Friends, these headphones have taken my workouts to another level! I had been thinking about purchasing wireless headphones for a while, but I was always deterred by the price. I’m pretty frugal with the things I purchase for myself so I honestly don’t think I would have ever got my hands on these babies if it wasn’t for my husband (husby).

Backstory: my iPhone was acting up with my regular Apple headphones back in February and we found out it was some kind of malfunction. Instead of getting a new pair of regular ones, my husby got me the Powerbeats3 Wireless ones. I didn’t argue and willingly accepted them.

They took about 30 seconds to set up and they’re great for all forms of cardio/lifting, they don’t slip out of your ears and they come with additional ear buds of different sizes.

There is a flip side though. When these headphones work perfectly, they are AMAZING. However, there are lots of folks out there that have been experiencing malfunctions and connectivity issues, you can see the reviews here. When I first started drafting this post, I had no issues, but a few weeks ago, I had some of these issues mentioned in the review. The headphones do come with a warranty so you can get a new pair, but I’m hoping that the company comes up with an update or something to rectify all issues. As for now, I’m still rocking with them as long as they’ll have me, and I’ll swap them out for a new free pair if need be.

Regardless, I recommend wireless headphones in general  if you’re active. It’s great working out without being tethered to wires.

Columbia County Bread

A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny"

Columbia County Bread reached out to Kyra and I a while back and graciously sent some goodies. Their products are made by hand by skilled bakers and they’re super nutritious.

I typically eat Ezekiel bread, but it was nice to switch things up for breakfast and try something new. I paired their bread with my eggs and turkey bacon when I had breakfast. The Pocket Pitas were clutch for lunch. I would pick a protein, cheese and veggie and stuff a pita or two. My favorite combo was arugula, peppered turkey and some provolone. It was filling and easy to make. Their Flax Granola was a great snack to munch on during the workday and sometimes I paired it with Greek yogurt. Lastly, and not least, I was surprisingly blown away by how much I liked their Orange Poppy Flat Bread. It was SO GOOD – my husband and I devoured them rather quickly.

PS, all these items are FRESH which means they spoil faster than processed items. So when you order, order an amount that you can eat your way through in a reasonable amount of time.

GT’S Kombucha
A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny"
My favorite flavor, hands down

I was super skeptical about trying this stuff out. It seemed like the latest product that’s been in existence forever but turned into a “fad” by certain consumers so I was automatically turned off by it. I texted Kyra one day asking her if she had tried it and she recommended this specific brand.

I drink water exclusively pretty much everyday unless I’m enjoying an occasional drink. This is a nice contrast and while some folks don’t like the semi-sour taste, I love it. Plus it’s bubbly! Then again, I’m the type of person that doesn’t even mind the taste of vinegar, so I may not be the best gauge on if you’ll like this stuff. Nevertheless, I recommend trying it at least once. As for the health benefits, Kombucha is said to :

*Improve Digestion
*Aid with Weight Loss
*Increase Energy
*Cleanse and Detoxify
*Support the Immune System
*Reduce Joint Pain

So I’ll keep on drinking this stuff!

The Inspiralizer

A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny" I had a knock off version of the Inspiralizer  and I honestly didn’t even know there was an official spiralizer until about last year. I noticed posts from Ali Maffucci of The Inspiralizer and I saw how it spiralized with the quickness and how you didn’t have to switch out any blades at all (switching out blades sucked). Since my old one was on it’s last leg, I decided to purchase The Inspiralizer!

It does not disappoint. It’s so easy to spiralize (it doesn’t move around like my old one), the blades are all in one (all you do is switch a knob) and it’s way easier to clean and store (one main piece to clean and smaller in size). I spiralize so many things, but mostly potatoes and zucchinis –it’s definitely my favorite way to cut carbs (see what I did there? ;-).

Here are some of my favorite meals:

A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny"
Shrimp Lo Mein from Eating Bird Food
A Few of My (Friday) Favorite Things | Chasing "Skinny"
Spiralized and baked sweet potato paired with salmon and broccoli











There you have it!

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite items as of late? Share in the comments!



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