(Happy) New Year Goals for 2018!

Happy New Year blogosphere!

I hope you enjoyed ushering in 2018 and that it’s off to a great start so far. Time after time, there’s still nothing like the renewed hope that a new year brings and with that hope comes some reflection on what can be done better, refreshed or eliminated altogether.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”
– Melodie Beattie

This past weekend, I did a lot of reflecting on how 2017 went and figuring out what I wish to accomplish in 2018. Here are some of my goals!

  1. Less Time at Work, More Play: In 2017, I got exactly what I was praying for (Thank God) which was a new start at my dream government job right before the hiring freeze hit. It’s been great, challenging, rewarding and all that good stuff. It’s also been incredibly stressful and I’ve honestly never worked so hard in my life. To all those who think government employees are lazy, you’re absolutely wrong! I will say that I am spoiled at my work with a flex schedule and an awesome on campus gym (with great classes). At work, the year is divided up into four quarters and this last quarter was a DOOZY. I don’t think I’ve recovered and the new quarter kicks off this week.  My goal for this year is to make my flex schedule worthwhile by figuring out how to hit daily goals so that I don’t fall behind and a) have to work on Saturdays and b) have time to visit with family and friends. This past Christmas, I had plenty of PTO but couldn’t take any time off to travel because I had too many work obligations. This SUCKED because the Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year. I say no more of that in 2018 so I’ll be doing some major planning this week on how to be stellar at work all while having some extra time for me and my fam/friends.
  2. Revamped Savings Goal: I used to hangout on the app MINT a lot and make savings goals and that completely fell by the wayside this year. I’m a frugal lady in general, so it honestly wasn’t a big deal. But, when I did some calculations, I realized that I could have definitely saved way more money last year. So, I’m going to implement the super basic principles I learned from The Richest Man in Babylon and flex my savings muscle again. I always feel accomplished when I hit a savings goal so I’m going to go for it in 2018. This money won’t be for anything in particular, mostly for the unknown which is crucial because you never know when you’ll need some emergency funds!
  3. Establish a Better Home Routine: Oh to be super domesticated. It was so much easier as an unemployed newlywed back in 2015. When I tacked on my new position and the tiredness that brings, plus my workouts and all the other errands that adulting brings, things got sort of… okay super unorganized. I really think that if I can get into a better groove at home, I’ll be less stressed. So what exactly does that mean…for me, it means cleaning habitually and not just when things get super messy. I think I need to pencil in a half hour a day and a full hour or so on a weekend just for general cleaning. Luckily, my husby does plenty of cleaning and laundry but ironically, when my lazy bones aren’t active, I am extremely particular about how things are cleaned. I pay attention to small details that he might miss so suffice it to say, I gotta make more time for organization; teamwork makes the dream work. Also, meal prepping needs to be done weekly! My goal is to grocery shop on Saturdays, cook on Sundays. It has worked in the past, and I need to hold on to that routine for the future. If I could get those things down, I would be less stressed because a) our home would literally always be clean so I wouldn’t have to fuss over it after work on a weekday and b) not having to worry about what to eat is the greatest gift you can give yourself and it saves more cash (see goal 2).
  4. Take Even Better Care of My Body: This year, there’s no focus on dropping any pounds. My focus is on fueling my body with more nutritious food and moving my body more! As I mentioned in Goal 1, my work has an awesome gym so there’s really no excuse for lack of movement. I’m also a proud ClassPass member so I have plenty of options. We all know nutrition is the hardest part so my main goal is to meal prep weekly so that there’s no guesswork as to what I’m putting into my body. This makes me FEEL SO GOOD. I truly feel so much better physically and mentally when I’m eating healthy so I’m striving for the feeling more in the new year.
  5. Take Time for Travel When Need Be, Family & Friend Connections = ESSENTIAL: Although I didn’t get to travel for Christmas in 2017, I did get to go to visit Kyra in Ann Arbor, make it to my cousin’s awesome wedding in the bay area and have a blast in Maui with some family. And those were the absolute highlights of the year. Soooo why not have more family and friend time?! It’s nice keeping up with everyone on social media, but there’s nothing like that real face to face time where you get to make new memories together. So, if I work on Goal 1 and have more time to spare, Goal 5 can definitely be accomplished. There’s more places to go and people to see and it’s always nice to welcome family into our home. I’m hoping 2018 can bring more of these types of memories.

I’ll keep you all posted on these goals throughout the year (another goal). I love sharing and learning from everyone–the blog is one of my favorite outlets so I want to keep it up. Now it’s your turn!

What are your goals for the new year?! Share in the comments and Happy New Year again friends 🙂


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