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Hi there! Our names are Kyra and Udeme and we are so glad you stopped by. 🙂

We met back in August 2009 when we started law school at Howard University. We chronicled our Juris Doctor journey with our other law school bestie Nicole at It was an AMAZING outlet and it serves as a kind of time capsule to look back on one of the most pivotal phases of our lives. As for Chasing “Skinny”, this blog came about because Kyra and I discovered a love of health and fitness on the road to esquire. After our first semester, we decided to join the local Gold’s Gym in order to stay in shape and get rid of our stress and anxiety. We both weren’t new to the fitness game, but I definitely think that we pushed each other to strive harder and reach fitness goals. Sadly, we are both in different states right now! Kyra is in Michigan while I am currently living in the Washington D.C. area. We still have fitness goals and ideas to share, so Chasing “Skinny” is the perfect outlet for where we are now. These goals include: maintenance, dropping some post wedding pounds and shedding body fat.

The world of health and fitness is vast, so we plan on discussing a range of topics. This will include: effective workouts to share that we make up on our own or find from other wonderful health bloggers, healthy recipes, music to groove to while working out, how we handle our hair (yes, it’s that serious), etc. We can’t wait to share and learn from all of our readers!

Kyra (left) & Udeme (right)
Kyra (left) & Udeme (right)

An Extra Scoop

The Skinny…on Kyra:

I currently live in my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!) attempting to enjoy this limbo phase of life while striving for balance.  When I put on a few pounds after my first year of law school, I was lucky to have a gym buddy and source of motivation in Udeme.  Now that we’re on opposite sides of the country, I’m glad that we can use this space to motivate each other and our readers.  I’m passionate about experimenting in the kitchen, with a focus on making my favorite unhealthy foods healthier with easy substitutions. I look forward to sharing my favorite workouts, recipes and other health-related ramblings with you!

The Skinny… on Udeme:

I just relocated back to the Washington D.C. area and left my beloved CA behind. I’m recently married and working on advancing my legal career while keeping up with my health goals. I was overweight for the majority of my life. My heaviest was 215lbs and I’m barely 5’3″! After trying for years to get fit, I was finally able to drop almost all the weight back in early 2004 and luckily, I have been able to shed extra pounds over the years. I’ve lost a total of about 70 lbs and I’m now focused on fat loss.

Late 2003 vs. 2014 (-70lbs)
Late 2003 vs. 2014 (-70lbs)

The most common question I get is how I lost all the weight. I will sometimes talk about weight loss here and I’ll focus on topics that deserve more attention – practicing self love and keeping the weight off. These days, I’m focused on strength training/toning and reducing my body fat. I can’t wait to share and learn with Kyra and with all of you!

What’s In a Name?

We had some qualms about titling the blog “Chasing ‘Skinny'” because we didn’t want our audience to think that skinny is our goal. It’s not. We use this title because we know that so many people are out there chasing this big Skinny enigma that is out of reach and that simply cannot be caught. We want to be a resource for those who are finally ready to transform what Skinny means to them in their minds . To us, the word Skinny can serve as a symbol for your OWN personal goal. We are all different and unique and there is so much beauty in that. Plus, we worked hard for the figures we have and we love the skin we’re in. And you should too, no matter what.  Instead of striving for the world’s version of skinny, create a healthy version of your own. We should all strive to be our best, healthiest selves. Join and enjoy this chase with us!


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