I Love Lolo

Happy Friday All! 🙂 And nope, I’m not talking about Lolo Jones. I’m actually talking about an app on my iPhone that has been a part of my life for a little over a year. As many of you know, it…

Quote of The Day

Be proud of what you harvest, big or small. Progress is progress no matter what naysayers tell you. Our secret: don’t listen. Do YOU!

Welcome To Chasing “Skinny”!

Welcome to your source for all things fitness related and then some. Here, you’ll find our version of “skinny” and it’s not intimidating or out of reach. Join the chase to hear about our current workouts, weight loss tips, healthy…

The Chase Starts Soon!

Be on the lookout for the official launch of Chasing “Skinny” ™! This has literally been in the making for years and we are eager to share our content with you. 🙂